Call Of Duty For China Is Free To Play

Call Of Duty For China Is Free To Play

The people who publish Call of Duty have been talking about their plans to bring more players into the online multiplayer fold, specifically targeting Asian players. Today, Activision finally divulged some details on its Chinese Call of Duty plans.

Activision plans to follow the model made successful by countless MMOs and first-person shooters targeted at Asian players, making the unnamed Call of Duty spin-off a free-to-play, microtransaction-based online multiplayer game. That could mean bite-sized purchases of perks, weapons and maps for Chinese players, instead of using solely an experience-based progression system to unlock those items.

The Call of Duty business is also getting a “best in class online community” thanks to a newly established studio, Beachhead, announced by Activision today.


    • I like the game, but I hate the community. It actually puts me off playing. I can’t stand those egotistical frat boys. COD 4 was great but I can’t pick up servers on it anymore for some reason, Black Ops is alright but Modern Warfare 2 is absolutely rife with those types of gamers.

      • Playing the KZ3 multiplayer beta last weekend was a rude awakening for me. I’ve been playing BC2 for nearly a year now, and I always play in a squad with friends so they’re all decent enough people.

        To jump into a game of KZ3 and have to listen to the inane prattling of my entire team was not great. I ended up just muting everybody 😛

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