Can Somebody Please Help This Lady Find Her Monsters?

Can Somebody Please Help This Lady Find Her Monsters?

This past weekend, collectible figurine event Wonder Festival was held in Chiba, Japan. Collectors and cosplayers gathered for the festivities. Voice actress Haruna Ikezawa was in attendance, and she ended up having a rotten time.

Haruna Ikezawa lost her PSP. Known for her roles voicing Athena in The King of Fighters games and Momoka in Sgt. Frog, Ikezawa tweeted that she thinks she lost her PSP at an eatery on her way home from the Wonder Festival.

The restaurant said they didn’t find a PSP, and Ikezawa thinks it feel out of her pouch, which she took off while in the eatery. “I was the last customer,” she noted, adding that she’s been on the verge of tears. She realised that her PSP went missing when she was waiting for her train and called the restaurant, adding that there were no customers when she returned to see about her missing PSP. “Thus, there was only a 10-minute gap here,” she writes.

She tweeted about her lost PSP a couple of times, but by 4:23pm on February 7, Ikezawa’s tweets were getting more and more frantic, asking people if they’d seen a black pouch with a red PSP on the Keiyo train line between Tokyo and Chiba. “I’m about to cry,” she added, begging whoever found it to get in contact with her.

“My PSP hasn’t turned up,” she tweeted again, adding that the restaurant checked time and time again, but could not find it. She even filed a lost item report with the police, asked the train station staff and the cafe at the Makuhari Messe convention centre where this year’s Wonder Festival was held.

But it wasn’t just her PSP that was lost. She can probably afford another PSP. No, it was hours and hours and hours of gameplay she lost. Haruna Ikezawa didn’t just lose her PSP, she lost her PSP with all her Monster Hunter save data. She says there was about 70 hours worth of of Monster Hunter (most likely Monster Hunter Portable 3rd) and “several hundred hours” of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.

The voice actress continued to tweet about how depressed she is, how others are playing Monster Hunter and her game data is *poof* gone. And when she wasn’t tweeting, she took to her blog to write about her missing PSP in more than 140 characters.

“I will buy a PSP,” she wrote. “I will buy the games. But the game save data I’ve accumulated won’t come back. That’s several hundred hours. And that is what makes me the saddest.”

After laying out her take on what happened to her PSP (including that it could’ve been stolen), Ikezawa wishes a curse on whomever swiped her PSP.

Last summer, Haruna Ikezawa was involved in a stalking case in which her stalker claimed he and the voice actress were involved romantically. The stalker was found guilty and slapped with an 18-month sentence.

池澤春菜さん、PSPを盗まれ呪いをかける [JAMぐる/ウェブリブログ][pic]


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