Catherine Is So Hard, Let's Make Her Easy

Action adventure game Catherine is difficult. And people in Japan are complaining.

Keep in mind, that the game's developer apparently said Catherine was not a walk in the park. The game's Amazon Japan reviews are littered with players saying that the game's Easy Mode seems like a typical game's Hard Mode. Players are calling the title sadistically challenging.

Atlus is listening to the complaints of players who want to finish the game's story, but are getting their asses kicked by the title, and are preparing a patch that will enable more players to enjoy the game. It will be released at a later date.

"Perhaps all staff members grew too accustomed to the game...," writes Catherine director Katsura Hashino. Or perhaps gamers have gotten too soft?

どうしても難しい方へ - キャサリンNews [Cathy.Atlus][Pic]


    I got my PS3 copy yesterday and I am struggling with easy mode myself but it is a puzzle game its not like it is QTE twitch gameplay. It's block puzzles and once you get the knack of a level you can storm through it on subsequent play throughs.

    Holy shit, that was hardcore. Going to get the english version when it comes out.

      The more I play the game the less likely I think it is the game will be released outside of Japan. The gameplay will be a major turn off for many. I'm essentially playing through it despite the gameplay rather than because of it. Great presentation but besides being 'different' I'm not sure what ATLUS are out to achieve with the way the game is structured.

      Speaking of presentation though. It's top notch. If nothing else Catherine give me high hopes for what Persona 5 could be on PS3.

    I didn't want to want this, but I sorta do. Especially if it's balls-to-the-wall Atlus hard.

    oh... wowwwww

    I thought there'd be more pantsu shots :'(

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