Cheaters Are Messing Up The Gran Turismo Academy

Cheaters Are Messing Up The Gran Turismo Academy

This year’s edition of the GT Academy, a long-running competition that has now been turned into a TV show, is in a bit of a mess after so many people were caught cheating, the last round was called off.

First picked up last week, there was a “loophole” which users had discovered which allowed them to cut corners on the competition’s chosen track. When organisers discovered this, another track was chosen instead, only… the same problem returned. People found that cutting corners was giving them an unfair advantage over those sticking to the track.

This being a game about racing on tracks, and not racing off roads, qualifying round 2 of the competition (we’re obviously still in the online stage and not the “racing real cars on TV stage”) has been scrapped entirely, all results binned, and all entrants will be moving onto round 3.

Polyphony Digital is now working on an update for the game that will hopefully curb this behaviour.

GT Academy Round 2 Cancellation Notice [GT5]


    • in real life racing if you move all 4 wheels off the track and proceed driving off the track for longer then a certain period of time (indicating you left the track purposely rather then by a miscalculation) you receive a hefty time penalty. That would be awful hard to program into the game in a rush, most likely they will make the offroad parts of the game slow you down a lot more, or something similar and easy

      • They’ll just edit the track to put some of that magic tape along there like they use on bits of the rally tracks, then your car will just bounce back off the tape onto the track preventing you cutting the corner.

  • Yeah! I am so bad at racing games I often find
    myself slipping into the corners, and then by pot luck gaining an extra few meters ahead of my opponents. I’ve been doing that for years

  • Seems kinda stupid that for a game about track racing, the designers wouldn’t simply extend the barriers to prevent corner cutting.

    • But invisible walls would ruin the reality of it. After all, in real-life motorsport, you can’t get away with this sort of thing. The game is based on the (perhaps naive) faith that people play to become better at the game, or just be honest about it.

      Doesn’t take into account millions of guys doing stuff like this in their own homes to shave seconds off lap times.

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