Check Out These Incredible Halo: Reach Kills

Halo: Reach is the console game of choice for most of the top console pros, and with Major League Gaming about to kick off a new season with Reach as its flagship game, they thought it might be appropriate to show off the incredible footage they've seen from top players in the last couple of months. This is well worth watching - there are some incredible kills in here...

You'll have to endure some terrible 80s rock music to get to the good stuff, so we recommend pushing 'mute' and simply enjoying some of the best Halo players do their thing.


    Terrible music? You can barely hear it. The commentary is awesome.

      I dig this guys enthusiasm!


    So, Halo Reach is just for people who can headshot?

      Yeah I hate shooters where players are rewarded for headshots...

        Do you play any shooters? All of them reward you for headshots. Instant kills and extra points. Even Bad Company 2 that has less focus on running and gunning and more strategy. You get instant kills and more points.

      If you can't headshot you pretty much can't get any kills. Vehicles don't count

    That was some great skills, but I still don't see how it is worth watching as a spectator for a whole lot of rounds. Especially if they are commentated like American football matches.

    I think Street fighter Tournaments are better for watching or even starcraft. FPS are just so dull unless you are actually playing them, in my opinion.

    I have this feeling that if they created playlists that didn't allow headshots, most Reach players would be stumped with what to do.

      Didn't allow headshots?! What is WRONG with you. It's an FPS, why are people bitching about headshots? That's one of the hardest things to hit in an FPS, and that's why the pro's go for Halo because it's dependent on aiming ability as well as tactical intelligence.
      I love other fps's and game genres but how hard is it to grasp the concept behind this video?

        There's only 4 weapons in Halo: Reach that actually can register headshots. Most people just spam them because only 1 of the shots actually needs to hit the head, and you can fire off about 4 or 5 before you're killed by any other non-power weapon. and that's if they don't miss.

    Love the last one with the 360

    Halo sucks balls.

      Incorrect. It's actually very good. You might want to check your facts next time.

      Whoops, you should watch what you drink. Obvioiusly drank an Intellect -10 potion at some point...

      nah d00d cod sucks balls derrr duurrrr derr

    the problem i have is all the damn jumping. just make the whole thing one big bouncy castle and get it over with. too old school and just dumb and unrealistic.

    I can't remember any of them except for the last one. They were all pretty similar... :P

    That did not deserve to be number 1. It was a fluke, an awesome fluke, but a fluke nonetheless

    "Sorry, Freddy. 360 no-scope."

      is there rocket jumping in Halo?

    The last one shouldn't of been first because it was totally based on luck!

    I rarely get headshots, but do really well online, this video gives a biased view, I think that you see a lot of headshots here because they make better 'viewing' so get chosen for highlights packages.

    It's like the only gun in the game is the sniper rifle... wtf?

    I thought Halo had more than a sniper rifle, battle rifle and pistol?

    Boring :(

      That's MLG for you. Skillful sure, but boring.

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