China Getting Mysterious Motion-Controls For MMO

With the "eBox", China already has a Kinect-like motion sensing controller. And apparently, the country is also getting a totally different motion-sensing-controlled PC game. If only there was more to go on than some lady waving her hands around.

According to website ChinaGame, massively multiplayer online game Land of Lords Online is getting motion controls. To prove this, the game's company released two photos of a girl standing and sitting. However, details on how the motion controls actually were supposedly not released.

But, hey, pictures of a girl standing and sitting. That's... not proof - especially when the woman's actions don't quite match up (above the woman raises her right hand while the in-game character raises its left hand).

The game's company says it will release a video next month detailing the tech and how it's used in Land of Lords Online. Apparently, players can control their character, cast spells and kill enemies.

This isn't a MMO first as South Korean developer GamePrix is bringing Kinect support to its MMO Divine Soul. And Japan already has motion controls for PC games - well, adult PC games - that involve looking up skirts and showing characters things.

China's First Motion-Sensing Online Game Unveiled []


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