Claim Your Rightful Dragon Age 2 Demo, 360 Owners

A demo for upcoming RPG Dragon Age 2 just hit Xbox Live. It's 2GB, and is available (sorry!) only for Gold subscribers.


    Gold only, Bah!
    Suck my silver :(

    So how long did we have to reach a million DLs? A week...the time it will take to reach silver members...

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, FAIL, Microsoft!!!

      I think its a million downloads total rather than specific to any platform so PC & PS3 would count as well

    Just got it- the only class for me now is mage hawke :)
    anyone think the main voice actors sound a little off though?
    early female hawke sounds a bit wooden

    It's not even a online multiplayer game. So why limit it to Gold members?

    Would make sense for a FPS like Bulletstorm but a game played offline, not so much! Either way I won't be downloading it at 2GB.

    I wish Internode would do un-metered XBL downloads argh!

    Yeah, Gold is so expensive. Like 5 or 6 bucks a month when you buy a special 12 or 24 month. subscription online. How much is that a day?
    Or you could just stick with the "free for now" PSN and enjoy cross game voice chat and drop in and out of parties with your mates.
    Shit! I guess the PS3 boys will be on my case now. Oh I have a PS3 as well oh and am typing this on my laptop via an internet connection that I have to pay for .... shit the list goes on ...

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