Come Take A Ride In Our Jelly Love Machine

The third instalment of everyone's favourite squishy physics simulation is here! Jelly Car 3 delivers new levels, enhanced car customisation, ghost racing and replay-saving, but do these added features make up for the ones taken away?

Jelly Car 3 is the third entry in a series of soft world physics puzzle games. The first game (originally called JelloCar) was released for Windows initially, but it was on the iPhone where the game came into its own, breaking hearts and topping charts with its uniquely bouncy take on puzzle-based driving.

The second game, Jelly Car 2 added a nifty level editor, allowing players to create their own Jelly Car adventures. Now Jelly Car 3 takes that capability away, while also removing the ability to pinch and zoom as the player chooses.

Jelly Car 3 still has plenty to offer. The same addictive gameplay is firmly in place throughout the game's 50 levels (with more coming soon). The car editor is a breeze to use, and recording your own sound effects is a neat little feature. When all is said and done, Jelly Car 3 is a ridiculous amount of gaming to be had for just under a dollar.

There's just a gaping hole where the level editor should be. Hopefully there's one on the way.

Jelly Car 3 [iTunes App Store]


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