Command & Conquer Reborn Under The Flag Of Victory

Command & Conquer Reborn Under The Flag Of Victory

The brief appearance of a staging site for the new home of Command & Conquer on the web revealed that the beloved real-time strategy franchise will be born again under a brand-new EA development studio, Jon Van Caneghem’s Victory Games.

While the current Command & Conquer homepage is still online and fully functional, a new site briefly appeared today at the URL, seemingly outing a new development studio and all-new direction for the RTS series.

Victory Games, based in Los Angeles, Texas, and Shanghai, China, is headed up by Jon Van Caneghem, EA’s head of all things Command and Conquer related. In an interview with Van Caneghem posted on the staging site, the new studio’s boss outlined plans to work on “a AAA Command & Conquer game”.

“I can tell you it’s a Command & Conquer game for the PC, but we’re not yet at a stage where I can go into any details- we’ll be prepared to make a more formal announcement later in the year. We’re not just working on a game, though. Our general focus is on the future of Command & Conquer. That means updating a lot of the core technology to create a stable base for future development, and leveraging that work on this first game.”

Hopefully this isn’t the social networking version of Command & Conquer Van Caneghem hinted at in November of 2009, but a full reboot that will breathe new life into the franchise.

Last we heard Command & Conquer was in the hands of Dead Space developer Visceral Games.

The staging website is now offline, likely due to the amount of attention it’s received today. We’ve reached out to EA for comment on the story, and will update this post should we receive a response. It’s not official until it’s official, of course, but it sure looked pretty damn official to me.

Reddest Alert: C&C To Return [Rock, Paper, Shotgun – Thanks, Phyla]


        • yeah but it was a justified Constant internet connection in that case as anything done in SP or MP contributed to your online ranking(so in that case it was part DRM part anti scoreboard hacking)

          it’s not like AC2 which required a constant net connection with no actual ties to the internet in anyway

      • Dragon Age and ME2 did have DRM.

        I played both on Xbox, and if you couldn’t reach the servers it wouldn’t go.
        DA was a real pain about it when it launched… ME2 had occasional issues with it too.

        • yup they definetly had DRM

          and it was even worse when it didn’t work and decided to say oh your not authorised to use any of the DLC you have. or the save files associated with it

          • I know what you mean, the DLC blocking DRM for DA:O drove me insane because often my internet was so slow I’d try to load a game before it had finished authenticating, then I’d have to quit all the way out of the program and restart it for it to work again.

    • C&C4 was an anomaly that any new developer will attempt to avoid. And there is still space in the Red Alert series for more games, although the Tiberium series is pretty well complete.

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