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It's been a crazy week for us here at Kotaku HQ - we're currently moving offices, packing up all our stuff before moving to our totally swell new digs up at Circular Quay. It's also been a crazy week here on the site itself - and that's thanks to you guys.

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to everyone for supporting the Game Jam feature, and having a read. Hope you all enjoyed it. Game Jam is an awesome event for the local Australian dev community, and I was really proud to watch and, in my own way, be a part of it.

There are a couple of people I want to shout out – FatShady for continuing to help out all the people he's dragged in to playing that brutal, sado-masochistic, torturous excuse for a game you call Trials HD. Once things have settled down over here next week I want to start up some sort of regular gaming competition that happens over the weekend – if you guys are interested – and the first game we use will probably be Trials HD.

I also want to draw attention to 'Plainview'. I have absolutely no idea who this guy is, but his posts have been… how can I put this – interesting. Is this an alias? Who the hell is this guy! All I can say is, it has been… interesting reading your posts over the last week! Keep up the 'good' work!

Finally, the winner of this week's Community Kudos is a deserving one. He has come close a number of times, and after a nomination from one of the pillars of the Kotaku community, I thought it would be fitting to reward one of the guys who has truly kept the Kotaku comments rolling in over the past couple of weeks.

That man is Jimu Hsien. I can't think of a single story published this week that Jimu didn't post on. This guy has been absolutely smashing it since we got back from Christmas, and it has been great to read and approve his quality posts.

Congrats man – it's been a long time coming and you totally deserve it!

Also – you won't believe the prize. Chuloopa – for some reason the company you use to send out t-shirts sent me out two the Lord is My Shepard t-shirts by mistake. So Jimu, along with another mystery prize, you will receive a timeless 'collectable' – my spare Chuloopa t-shirt!


    Congrats to Jimu. Thoroughly well deserved. Totally disproves my whole fly theory, but well done! :D
    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

      LOL and on the one day he goes home early :D

    Wait, what? You guys are in Circular Quay? Holy cr**, I work at Australia Square! I thought you were in Brisbane?

      We've always been in Sydney! Are you confusing us with Mana Bar...?

        Confusion due to both having confined and copious amounts of Alcohol?

    aweshum! Jimu isn't allowed to complain for not winning anymore!

    I kid I kid!

    Congrats Jimu! :)

      Also, just saw the tags. Love them!

      But why is CCG tagged?!

      All I can say is, there isn't a comic for CCG next week... there is, indeed, a video though ;)
      (Don't get your hopes up, it's honestly rubbish)

    ... and Mark's going to get Ellie and Seamus to autograph it.

    Well done Jimu.

    Hey, is the mystery prize a copy of FF14?

    Congrats Jimu! :D

    Also loving the post tags.

    Awesome work, Jimu.

    And I'll back up the tag love.

    From all accounts this Plainview character is a
    reputable fellow, a splendid man, charming, brave, tall
    in stature and ruggedly handsome. Unmistakably a
    man of the people and a man for the people. I heard he
    once rescued a kitten and three puppies, they didn't
    even need rescuing mind you, but he went right ahead
    and rescued them anyway - it's just the overwhelming
    goodness in the man; just a compulsion to do good
    and to see good being done. He'll make it happen, no
    doubt about that.
    But listen to me, I'm rambling, all apologies, sometimes
    I just get caught up in the charm and goodness of the
    man. His a rare find, they broke the mould when they
    made him, that's one thing for certain.
    I imagine his some kind of race car driver or fighter
    pilot or the like, the man's a mystery wrapped in
    a riddle, that's all i know for certain.
    Kudos to the winner, and if I know Plainview, I know he'd
    be happy for ya, friend - keep up the good work.

    Wow - you get both a nom from me and one of my tees!

    I can't believe they sent you two, mark! LOL
    That's awesome!

    Congrats mate, much deserved! Enjoy!

    All I can say is.. YAY Jimu! Bout time! ;)

    Well deserved mate. And who says you never win anything.

    I will therefore prob see you around the quay as I am going between the lower part of pit street and Harrington street at the rocks brtween my companies two offices.

    Grats to all, especially Jimu.

    Slightly less importantly, your tags for this post are amazing and relevant to my Friday night - trials-hd-makes-me-want-to-kill-myself

    Holy crap. Mark reads ALL our posts? And here I thought it was just a computer approving everything. Oh my.

    Facebook connect won't work for some reason.

    I NEED THAT SHIRT. Someone please link me?

      My shirt?


    Thank you everyone.

    It is now Tuesday 8th of Feb 11:10am(Bristime) and I have just found out!


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