Community Review: Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Community Review: Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Community Review: Marvel vs. Capcom 3Some have claimed it’s a little too dumbed down, and some have replied ‘shut up you big stupid elitist game hipster’, but Marvel vs. Capcom is now in the wild, and it’s your turn to let us know your opinion on the game.

I haven’t spent too much time with it, but liked what I saw. It’s the kind of game where every button push seems to make you do something amazing, which creates very little genuine sense of scale, but makes the game fun in short burst with casual fighting fans. On some level I can understand the whinging of hardcore players, but in my mind it falls into the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom category of eliminating a lower level of raw technique in favour of a higher level of strategy – sort of like Smash Bros.

Yeah, a weird comparison, but there you have it.

But what do you guys think? Too niche or not niche enough?


  • I like it – I just wish it had a bit more meat in terms of content. The core game is really strong, but I want a few extra singleplayer modes, some more unlockables, stuff like that.

    Fighting mechanics are rock solid though, and it does the impossible: Makes non-fighting game fans feel like they’re doing good, and at the same time having enough depth so that advanced players can have their dose of “I pulled off this impossible combo which needed split second reflextes, motherf*ka!”

  • I’ve always been a big fighting game fan and I absolutely love this game more than SSF4 amd MvC2. I know this since I get blisters on my right thumb from going crazy with the game pad and I think I need a fighting stick soon before the blister becomes infected.

    I like how the game is more accessible than SF4 (or SSF4) and a lot more hectic than MvC2. The characters are all relevant and no one character feels too overpowered (although Dark Phoenix and Sentinel might be close to this). MSS aren’t too threatening anymore since most characters have a way to break through them and infinites aren’t viable anymore. My only complaint is the online, which is laggy mess and Capcom allowing players to use simple mode in ranked matches was a really really bad idea.

    Otherwise, a 9/10 for me. Still playing it to death and almost done with the missions.

  • I haven’t played it. If it was Marvel vs DC I’d be all over it but it’s Capcom and I just don’t care about Capcoms characters.

    • If you haven’t actually played the game then this isn’t the place for you to put your opinion.
      I have played the game so i will say something. The game has very solid mechanics but could use better tutorials to help players hone their skills. Also the online mode should state if Normal or Simple controls are being used to give a better gauge of a players skill ranking.

  • Waiting for my copy to arrive in the post, I’ve only played it a little at JB Hifi.

    Feels incredibly like Tatsunoko vs Capcom and for me, that’s great. I liked Tatsunoko as a fun “pick up and muck about” style fighter. Unfortunately, my friend considers that to be a negative because it looks like he was after an updated MVC2.

  • I’ve been playing every chance i get whilst overseas, mainly at gamestop booths. Does seem a lil easy,(compared to SSF4 and BB) but i’m hoping it’s an onion.
    Layers, man, layers.
    I got the person looking after my house to pick up my preorder and load in my 360 for when i get home.

  • If you’re after an updated MVC2, this game isn’t it. It’s deep, but there simplistic element to it that long MVC2 fans aren’t going to appreciate.

    What it lacks in single player content it makes up for in sheer amounts of gameplay elements to master.

    Bring on the DLC. I want to see Cyclops, Ken and Phoenix Wright.

  • I’ve ordered the

    – Steelbook PS3 edition from
    – Xbox 360 copy with t-shirt from Zavvi
    – MVC3 Signature Guide from Bookdepository
    – Marvel Versus Xbox 360 Pad from Gamestop

    (And yet, I haven’t been able to play this game yet)

  • Had a play around at JB Hifi yesterday. This will be a bargain bin pick up for me but a highly anticipated bargain bin pickup.

  • I’ve been enjoying fighting games since the days of haemorrhaging dollar coins into Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Combat at the local arcade.

    But Marvel vs Capcom 2 was always my favorite.

    I bought my copy of MvC3 on Wednesday, and got some mates over to put the game through its paces.

    In it’s purest form, mate vs mate on the same screen with some beers and pizza… Gaming Perfection.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing this game until my xbox 360 is a last gen console.

  • Incredibly fun. There’s strategy without being overwhelming or one-sided so people can pick up and play, yet the characters are so well done.

    I find it hard to leave deadpool out of a team, despite the fact he has a specaial move I can’t get him do do reliably, because you’re smiling the whole time he’s on the screen.

    • I watched a lot of the promotional videos and tournaments. So I’m already sick of him screaming “bang! bang bang bang bang! bang!” and “pineapple surprise!”.

      He won’t be on my team :p

  • I’m personally finding MVC3 to be a pretty solid game. While some people deride the ‘dumbed down’ controls, I for one embrace it. As a huge fighting game fan, it is nice to have a fighter I can take to a mate’s place that they can pick up and learn how to play at a basic level in a short amount of time, and not having to worry about teaching them some arbitrary sets of rules (like MVC2’s issue of some characters having launchers on different attack buttons) is very welcome. On top of that, there is still a large layer of depth there for people who want to take it seriously, and the evening of the playing field in regards to characters means that hopefully we won’t see entire tournaments full of Mag/Sent/Storm like MVC2 had.

    The ‘Story’ mode is exactly what I want from a Versus title (you plow through teams of opponents until you get to the big bad, then beat him too, and then get a couple of screens of arbitrary story for your time), and there are some nice non-essential touches to the characters as well (Marvel characters having variations of old costumes for different colours, custom dialogue between characters that know each other canonically, etc.). There are some character combination issues (anybody with a shit connection that spams Sentinel assists while beaming you from across the screen with somebody like Iron Man should die in a fire), but most combinations can be overcome if you play smart. And if not, generally you’re still having too much fun to care.

    I think my biggest issue with the game is that the matchmaking is just horrid. Finding a ranked match is a major chore unfortunately, and you also get booted back to different menus depending on how the matchmaking fails, making quickly jumping back to ranked search an exercise in frustration. Getting into a match really shouldn’t be this hard, especially when previous Capcom games seem to handle matchmaking better. The lack of an option to watch the current match in lobbies is a crime, but I hear they’re planning to patch that in soon, so I can’t really complain too much. The actual net code is okay once you manage to find a game (except for one match I had that ran at about 2 frames per second), but why Capcom didn’t use the superior GGPO net code (which they have the license for, but haven’t used to this day), or even the net code they put together for Super Street Fighter II HD Remix I will never understand.

    On the DLC front, some of it really is utter crap. 400MSP is a bit rich for one additional character (although I applaud Capcom taking suggestions on their forums for DLC characters, as they generally do listen to their fans in this regard, as Super SFIV can attest to), and the idea of charging to fight AI versions of MVC3 developers is highway robbery, but if the same amount of work goes into every costume pack that has been put into the currently announced one, it looks like Capcom may be nickeling and diming more and more money out of me.

    While we’re on the topic, is anybody interested in some matches? Most of my friends aren’t interested in fighting games at all, so finding Aussies to fight against is a bit of a struggle. Feel free to hit me up on GT: AshuraMGS3Sub if you are.

    Or better yet; Mark, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Community Playdate… *wink wink*

  • I got a copy of the game on the weekend, and have been following the Street Fighter Series since Street fighter 2 on the SNES and Arcade days.

    I must admit the visuals and game play are great but where is Ken??? also something just did not feel right with the default controls on normal.

    I guess to me I am more use to the SFIV set up of controls, I like having light, medium, high Punches and Kicks.

    • Their reasoning behind not having Ken was they wanted to avoid having any clones gameplay-wise, and since Ryu is the poster boy for Capcom and then best known Shoto, he got in instead of Ken.

      Doesn’t really explain why Akuma also got in, but they do play differently enough in MVC3 to be worthwhile (similar moves, but with different properties).

  • Well I’ve always been interested in fighters, but I’ve never been, y’know, any good at them. However, I loved TvC, and was pretty darn good at it. Something about the incredibly fast speed and accessible fighting appealed to me.

    So yeah, MvC3 is pretty much TvC but with characters I recognise, faster gameplay (which I didn’t even think was possible), and better graphics. It’s much more fun and accessible for the average Joe than SSFIV. I also love the control scheme in this one. The three button system as opposed to the four button system of MvC2 just works. it’s not as complex as MvC2 was, but it’s simplified *just* enough for someone like me to be able to pick up and feel like I have some level of skill.


  • Marvel vs Capcom 3 is by all means superior to Super Street Fighter 4, way better visual graphics, off the wall and in your face gameplay and I welcome the new control schemes. Not to mention the roster line up overpowers that of Super Street Fighter 4. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is just absolutly stunning and is thrilling, picking a team as the roster has so much to choose from can have it’s own excitement. I can’t even begin to explain how sick I am of all the whinning little bitches complaining about Pheonix Wright or Frank West. SHUT the HELL UP already, the roster still has so much to choose from. People act like Pheonix Wright is the best character ever, well guess what? He’s not and neither is Frank West, I’m glad they didn’t make the final roster. If you don’t allready have Marvel vs Capcom 3, then what the hell are you waiting for.

  • Just got back to my hotel after having my ass handed to me twice in SFIV at the arcade down stairs. My joy of competitive fighters is reignited (obviously, not that I’m very good).

    I’ll be buying this game once I’m home.
    Feel free to add me (Xbox Australia; SSFIV, MvC3) “wepoo”

  • Visual/graphics 10. Gameplay/fun factor 10. Varieties/characters 7. Needs more modes, costumes and definitely more characters. (Capcom) frank, megaman x, m.bison, strider, phoenix wright (marvel) venom, doc oct, juggernaut, gambit, cyclops

  • There is just one thing I need to know about this game, before I have any opinion on it.

    Is it going to take me for a ride?

  • I’m incredibly frustrated at the ranked mode online. I’m ranked fighter and when I go to custom and have everything on ‘same’ I get ranked against 6th lords and 9th rangers. It’s ridiculous, my ass just gets handed to me constantly. Why aren’t I being matched against people my own rank? Is there a bug at the moment? I had 11 win and 4 loses and now I’m at 11 wins 12 losses.

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