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I was totally going to buy Stacking on the weekend. Totally. But I got totally distracted by doing other stuff. Like watching my nearest and dearest play LittleBigPlanet 2 all frickin' weekend long. This is why I want to know - directly from you guys - whether or not Stacking is worth buying and playing.

I picked up Costume Quest, and although I enjoyed the snappy writing and the adorable art direction, I couldn't help feeling it was a bit shallow and grindy.

I do, however, love the fact that Double Fine is taking a break from developing singular big budget titles to explore cool, innovative ideas. So I will be buying this game at some point.

It's been getting some stellar review - but games from Tim Schafer's studio always do - due to the fact that it's impossible to not love that little scamp. I'm looking for some reviews from you guys - because I trust and love you all very much.

Now go!


    Just Buy It!

    Or in truth, you should have become a PS+ user for work purposes (ie: charge the sub back to work) and you would've gotten it for free! :p

    It's a horrible game [/lie]

    ...okay so I haven't played it... but, coming from an Eastern Europe background, I love the idea and need to hear more about it too :P

    - It's okay. The controls are frustrating for me. Wait until the price drops, or subscribe to PS Plus to get it for free.

    I recommend Tales From Space: About A Blob instead. The demo is really fun, at least try that.

    Same as Brutal Legend for me. Endearing and wanted to love it, but I got bored in the trial.

    Played it for bout 4 hours on the weekend. Hadn't planned on buying it, picked it up because it was included with PS+.

    It is really rather charming, with nice story lines. Very nicely put together.

    Feels like a casual adventure game with inbuilt replayability. Nothing too complicated, and suitable for children.

    Each puzzle usually has 3 to 5 alternative solutions. Solve one, and it allows you to progress while also allowing you to keep trying to solve the other solutions. The number of puzzles solutions left to figure out is also made clear.

    For completists and people who like to explore, there is a lot to collect. For gamers who want to just blast through to the ending, it will probably be a disappointment.

    The ocean liner level is my favourite.

    Only just started playing it Saturday night but first impressions are; Great presentation/visual style and a clever take on the puzzle game genre. Looking forward to getting back into it.
    Early review score, 8.5 energon cubes of 10.
    For $15, I say buy it.

    I finished it 100% in the wee hours of this morning (while on baby patrol).

    It was definitely enjoyable. About the right length. The main problem was that most of the puzzles involved using a single doll in the correct situation. The trickier puzzles involving multiple dolls didn't appear till the last level or so, and even then the answers were usually signposted. I think it would *really* benefit from some advanced DLC with logical but not-too-obvious 2-4 dolls puzzles.

    So it's worth playing, though you can probably wait a couple of months till the inevitable deal of the week.

    What the hell is Stacking? I've never even heard of it?!

    I had no idea about this game just saw it was free and downloaded it without any expectations other than the name kinda sounded like it was a puzzle game. After too much story I got into the game instantly, its like grand theft NPC, fun stuff! Hijacking every character just to see the hilarious unique actions they have is great fun by itself.

    I've played the first part of the's pretty cool. Need to get another PSN card before I buy it, but I think Double Fine have a winner here

    I liked what I played, but the unskippable cutscenes got a bit much after a while. And the controls were a little frustrating. It does have a nice ol' school, trial and error adventure vibe though, which was cool.

    Having said that, I only played the first section. Interested to see where it goes, but not interested enough to put down Dead Space 2 for it.

    I used to stack all the time when I was a kid. It wasn't that I was bad at riding a bike, it's more that I always did stupid shit.

    I once skidded on my face on the road. Had gravel rash over one half of my face!

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