Company Of Heroes Online Goes Dark March 31

Company of Heroes Online, whose beta began in July, will be closed down entirely on March 31.

In-game currency - COHO Cash - is no longer for sale, and players are being urged to spend any balance they have pronto.

As a token, THQ is offering anyone who registered with the beta before Feb. 1 a copy of Company of Heroes Gold for $US4.99 through the THQ online store. The code for the game is available through the Company of Heroes Online closure FAQ.

Relic Entertainment, the game's maker, said it is "still working on our plans for the Company of Heroes franchise and are not ready to discuss details yet,' that doesn't sound too optimistic for the chances of this game being released as a full retail version. Especially if, as Joystiq notes, THQ's other freemium venture, WWE Online, also has been shut down.

Company of Heroes Online Beta Shutting Down [Game Politics]


    I've put together a list of facts relating to the closure, gathered from their site and official forums:

    Wait... anyone could play it? I always thought it was a Korea-only thing...

      The original concept was for the Korean market. And the CoHO Beta was a test version for the bigger global market.

      Oddly enough i quite like the new hero/commander abilities on CoHO. It was heck of a lot more flexible than the Vanilla CoH that being said... if you go by the forums... many an abuse to be had as well xD

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