Crysis Demo 2 Finally Comes To PC

Finally PC gamers will be able to check out what Xbox 360 gamers have had for more than a month: The Crysis 2 demo. Starting March 1, computer gamers will be able to check out how the game plays on their rigs by downloading it here.


    about time

    I think they deserved to get their game leaked, all this one month xbox exclusive stuff is stupid.

    Jeez I forgot the 360 got it a while ago. I'm hoping this isn't an indication Crytek are prioritising the console version over the PC version. I'm really sick of developers doing that.

    Correctiong - Xbox gamers had it for two weeks - then the demo shut down :(

      Correction - correction is not spelt with a g!

    PC gaming isn't dying, it's being murdered. (By devs who want to make more money)

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