Dead Space 2's Religion Not A Swipe At Scientology, Says Creator

Despite its resemblance to Scientology, Unitology - Dead Space's fictitious religion - isn't a parody of the controversial church, the game's creative director told MTV Multiplayer. "I think people get that because the name is very similar," he said.

"It was really just an observation about what can happen to anybody who is fanatical and illogical about their beliefs," Wright Bagwell told MTV's Russ Frushtick.

Bagwell cited "The Demon-Haunted World," a book by Carl Sagan, as a type of inspiration for the commentary Dead Space 2 makes on religion through Unitology.

"As science took hold and modern thinking took hold, there was a lot less superstitious thinking. But now that people are not able to understand everything around them again, technology has gotten to the point where it's like magic to some people, and they're overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and information that's out there," Bagwell said. "It's gotten people thinking illogically and superstitiously again."

That's where Unitology has its inspiration, Bagwell said. "In this complex, futuristic world, people are looking for ways to simplify their lives and put their faith in something that they don't have to think too much about."

'Dead Space 2' Creative Director On The Unitology Vs. Scientology Debate [MTV Multiplayer]


    “It was really just an observation about what can happen to anybody who is fanatical and illogical about their beliefs”

    Which makes it different from scientology, how?

      It's the same as all religions, except perhaps Buddhism.

        Buddhism isn't a religion, so your right in saying that its the same as all religions :P

        lol funny article though, I totally thought they were pulling the piss out of scientology!

      I was so hoping it was Scientology too, its too similar for it not to be but I suppose Zurg or whomever it was that buried corpses wouldn't like this mockery. Just don't do another John Travola Battlestar Galactica movie, ha!

        you mean *shudder* battlefield earth movie.

      Because that can be applied to a much broader subject matter, i.e. all religions/cults/superstitions, not just one in particular.

    So not so much directed at a single religion, but the dangers of blind faith?

    I'll agree with that.

    Although scientology seems to demand a much greater suspension of disbelief.

      It only seems that way because it's not ingrained in our culture the way that the major religions are. The Abrahamic religions - taken as an example only because they're the "big" ones - require the same suspension of disbelief and acceptance of things which cannot be proven, but we suspend our skepticism more with those because they're so old.

    Kinda sounds like they ripped off Warhammer 40K

    I guess we should take him at his word unless there's a necromorph jumping up and down on a couch hidden away in there someplace?

    That's kinda disappointing, I had always hoped that the Dead Space dev team were legion >.>

      Can't be, that'd be suggesting they they did something constructive...

    Dosen't matter Scientology isn't even a religion. It's a massive money making scheme, i tried it trust me. I mean they believe in stories about aliens, that would sound weird normally but on top of that, the religion was created by a sci-fi book writer.

    Does anyone thing they should make the Marines vs Aliens, Aliens game? Instead of SEGA and other developers hit and miss take on the Alien games, I couldn't help thinking that the Dead Space games remind me of how the Alien vs Predator games should be. Moody lighting, atmospheric environments, no gravity gameplay, horror theme.. I don't know why they've not thought to touch it before.

    How would it not be? Scientology itself is a swipe at Scientology. If I didnt know better, I'd say they were doing it to take the piss in the first place (scientologists I mean).

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