Decision On R18+ Won’t Be Reached In March SCAG Meeting

Decision On R18+ Won’t Be Reached In March SCAG Meeting

Decision On R18+ Won’t Be Reached In March SCAG MeetingConsidering the fact that a larger set of recommendations are currently being drafted for all classification issues, the chances of a final decision being reached during the upcoming SCAG meeting in March were already slim. But now, with Gamespot reporting that the NSW Attorney General will not be attending the meeting, further delays to the decision have all but been confirmed.

As most of us are probably already aware, all AsG must unanimously agree on an R18+ rating for things to move forward, and with NSW AG John Hatzistergos declaring himself absent as a result of the NSW state elections, it will be impossible for Australia to do so.

Post the December 10 SCAG meeting, Brendan O’Connor announced that a set of draft guidelines for a new set of ratings for video games would be presented at the upcoming meeting in March, but considering the meta review currently being undertaken by the Australian Law Review Commission, it was always unlikely that a final decision would have been made on that date. Even Brendan O’Connor was forced to admit, during an earlier conversation, that we may have to wait until December until the broader review was completed.

That being said – there is good news. Grow Up Australia, a well organised group led by Aaron Percival, has informed us that both the ACT and TAS Attorneys General have spoken out in favour of an R18+ rating.

It appears that an adult rating for video games is now currently at the mercy of bureaucracy and circumstance. Regardless – the signs are good and, as we mentioned in an earlier feature, by the time a final decision is made, it will probably be implemented in tandem with a complete overhaul in classification in this country.

Now, it seems, we play the waiting game.

Aussie R18+ decision impossible in March [Gamespot]


    • And a pretty low-poly wheel at that… with all the knobbly edges if you don’t turn the wheel far enough in a single go then it keeps settling backwards slightly every time >.<

      (obviously this example only works assuming per-poly collision instead of the common cylindrical primitive collision)

  • “Now, it seems, we play the waiting game.”

    The Waiting Game has been Refused Classification by the Australian Classification Board due to high impact strong language, frequent high impact sexual content (masturbation)and mild themes.

    Luckily, The Waiting Game is a largely online experience, so finding a copy over the internet is pretty easy.

  • This we already knew already back when they announced the next meeting will be in March. We knew the NSW state election was being held in March. It’s just another delaying tactic really. WHEN (not if) Labor loses power in NSW in March, we’ll have a new NSW Attorney-General and the whole process will go around in another circle (remember the excuse in the last meeting that one of the Attorneys-General was too new in the role to make an informed decision? Yeah…)

  • Then the ACL will pressure one of the AGs again,who will then delay the decision again using the line ” more information is needed”

    Or if the the current NSW AG gets replaced, the new one might be against R18, which means we are right back where we were with Atkinson

    I think you all underesitmate the political systems ability to screw people

  • You know, the IEGDA et al are missing a massive trick with this they really are. for years i have said once the economic impact is displayed, it will go through in five seconds flat.

    if they can show that this is costing the aus economy $X and X jobs potentially, and its a lot they will vote yes for it because nothing makes politicians jump like the economy.

  • ….and then there is all the games that have been RC’d recently to protect the children because we don’t have a legitima……oh wait, they have all passed recently. How do I make the soldiers I shoot go gangbang explosion??

  • That’s it, ozgameshop and steam for me 100% for all my games!
    I’m 27, I have no younger siblings, I don’t have kids, I’m sick of this crap. And we have all been so respectful and informed while the other side just rant, and now this, ‘we have no excuse to delay’, ‘I know, I’ll just no show’. Great does that mean next time I need to do something at work I can just no show and they will wait for me?

    People want to ask why retail is going down? Because we get shafted in australia and we never even get a straight answer for why, on the R rating, on the price difference. I’d buy in australia to keep money here if there was a good reason I’m paying double, but there isn’t, we don’t even get an answer, just old guys who are not even thinking about what this will do on the tax collection stream and the retail sector. You old guys want to think video games are just for kids, well let the kids buy from australia, I’m an adult, I earn my money and I am going to spend it overseas because of sht like this. I’ve had it with the R debate. I don’t need to care anymore, this isn’t the old days where the guy at the counter tells me ‘we are not allowed to sell the r rated version’ and that’s that, I can just log online, like I will, we don’t have to put up with this sht anymore. If games don’t count so much in the eyes of the people ‘representing’ us, then why should I for sending my tax dollar overseas. We’re being goaded into doing that infact, Gerry Harvey being a dick, labor and liberal still sounding like guys from the 1950’s, shove it.

    These guys talking about sex in games, if a game is rated for an adult, advertised for an adult what is the problem if a sex scene is in the game? That’s the first question, but the truth is games don’t have all these sex scenes you old bible bashes are going on about. Games are super non smutty for the reason of ammo to you crazy guys. Look at fox news and mass effect, these guys don’t even look at the footage yet say it’s porn advertised for kids, utter crap, meanwhile I can go to sexyland or club x or better yet just log on and type in smut, buy some wine and get loaded while watching smut, that’s ok, but an R rating on a game, ‘oh good day to you sir’. Well UK, here’s to you guys and taking my hard earned Australian dollars, you’ve earned it.

    • Every single word that Scion just wrote here needs to be on huge billboards all across the country because goddammit if he ain’t 100% correct.

  • Surprise surprise.

    I’m all behind Grow Up Australia, Brendan O’Connor et al saying everything looks ‘positive’ but in actuality the reality is purely year-afte-year totally negative. And we sit in the middle and suck on it – completely helpless.


  • Fix the unanimous requirement. Introduce the category. States that think its okay are allowed to sell the games, States that don’t, aren’t.

    Oh sorry, mixing logic and politics…

  • After fighting long and hard for the R18+ rating I now give up, i dont care anymore. I will now just buy online from overseas. Happy now pricks?

  • What ever happened to “Governments should be afraid of their people, not the other way around”?

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s going to take a few examples of lethal violence before politicians really do become afraid of the people once again, and stop some of these rediculuous delaying and distraction tactics.

    I don’t condone the use of violence in these matters, but sometimes I just wonder… I just wonder when that lone nutjob is going to get frustrated enough to give it a go.

    • Isn’t that part of the reason for the right to bear arms over in the states? I think part of the influence for the Second Amendment was so that people could rise up against a corrupt government after some English king tried to disarm a faction by authority alone.

      Unfortunately such tactics rarely allow for much middle ground. Sure a complete riot could lead to revolution, but what of our lesser issues? Are we to just stab a couple of people a little bit relative to the scale of the problem?

      I wonder if the presentation of the economic impact as Choc said might be the best option available for now. After all; isn’t successful politics all about turning issues into other issues? :p

  • They wont reach a decision in March meeting huh.

    This is only news if you think they will ever come to a decision.

    They wont.

    psst… Lets move on…

  • Does anyone know what Shadow Attorney General Greg Smiths’ views are? As it seems pretty likely that Labor won’t be in power in NSW come March.

    • He’s a conservative Catholic moralist – anti-choice, pro “traditional family” and in all likelihood against the classification review, although I can’t find anything specific that he’s said about it.

      By my count that’s at least three As-G who are unlikely to support it. Maybe four.

  • Alarm bells should have been ringing with anyone who has swallowed Brendan O’Connor’s positive spin on things when he came out and defended opposition coalition Liberal attorney general Christian Porter after last December’s debacle of a SCAG meeting.

    The indefinite delaying of, or stopping a R18+ rating altogether has bipartisan support with this bunch of right-wing conservative/religious politicians.

  • I say organise a nation wide rally in support of a better and fairer classifaction system. There’s nothing like the power of the people. This has proven to be true even in the middle east.

  • All the Australian public needs to hear is this:

    This review and introduction of 18+ will not allow more destructive games to the country. Your children are already playing them. If they play Call of Duty, they play an 18+ game. If they play Aliens Vs Predator, they play an 18+ game. This classification system will make it easier for retailers to recommend suitable games, and be responsible for their recommendations. It will also provide parents with more accurate information and make them more responsible for their and their child’s gaming choices.

    Bam, done.
    Don’t make people afraid with lunatic extremist measures that make our community look immature, give them the actual info.

  • @Cray did you know it’s illegal to go on strike in our country now without prior notice and approval and a bunch of other conditions being met first. Otherwise your employer can fire you… Everyone’s too scared to act out but don’t realise that if we all stand up together we can do whatever we want. I wonder if Australians have just become to lazy/apathetic to do anything about it anymore…

    @everyone I now buy all of my games from eBay. It’s easy guaranteed or money back and often can get what I want when and how I want and at a great price still. Except for Steam specials it wins hands down.
    That got me to thinking about preowned games in retail stores though.
    They don’t make much money on new games but mainly on consoles and preowned.
    Currently the standard for preowned is to buy cheap and sell high (within a few percent of the new price) and maximise profit. But I have a better idea.
    Buy preowned games cheap still (hey it is still a business) but sell the preowned games a significant amount cheape than new. That would get more people looking seriously at preowned games instead of going straight to the new section and even with less profit on a single sale, they would still make more money because there would be more sales…
    Or am I dreaming?

  • Of course the state governments are going to keep putting back the decision on this. Why? Because the almighty Australian Christian Lobby own them.

    It’s a pity that in a democratic society, where polls show 80% plus of the population are in favour of something, a powerful lobby group representing a small fundamentalist section of the community can prevent change and then try to drag us back to the dark ages where the Church held so much power.

  • About time the states with sensible AGs just went ahead and legislated their own R18 ratings.

    There’s no constitutional barrier to doing so.

    Obviously it’d be better if we had a national system, but clearly leaving it up to one idiot in one state who can derail the process for everyone else simply doesn’t work.

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