Digital Distribution: Is EA The Best Prepared Publisher?

Digital Distribution: Is EA The Best Prepared Publisher?

Digital Distribution: Is EA The Best Prepared Publisher?EA has recently posted the results of their third quarter – and the numbers make for some interesting reading. A number of their major franchises have sold in increasing numbers, but the real story is the rapid growth of EA’s Digital division, which has us wondering – is EA the best prepared publisher in terms of digital distribution and its future impact?

Plenty of EA’s titles posted remarkable numbers, FIFA 11 sold over 11 million units worldwide, and Dead Space 2 is currently outselling its predecessor two to one. But, more importantly, for the future, EA was the number one publisher for the iPhone, the iPad and Windows 7.

EA seems to have struck that balance between regular console titles, and bolstering their digital presence by investing in mobile gaming developers such as Iron Monkey – the Melbourne based developer who created Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Dead Space for the iPhone.

Time will tell, of course, but of all the major publishers EA seems to have put the most stock in Digital Distribution, and this may be to their advantage in the coming years.

You can check out the raw numbers here.

Electronic Arts Reports Q3 FY11 Financial Results [EA]


  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say the best prepared publisher is Valve. I don’t think that’s really what was meant by publisher though…

  • mark do you know whether there just the EA store digital sales or with steam included

    because if it’s EA only thats impressive, if it’s with steam seems like it’s more indicative of more popular/better games

    plus EA has had a fair bit of DLC and what not
    as well as BF:BC2 Vietnam which was download only

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