Discovery’s Final Launch Is PlayStation Home’s First Live Broadcast

The final launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled for tomorrow, and PlayStation space exploration fans can tune in directly from Sony’s console-embedded virtual world, provided they know someone with a digital yacht.

The space shuttle Discovery takes off on its final voyage tomorrow at 4:50PM from the Kennedy Space centre. The shuttle will be heading to the International Space Station on an 11-day mission to deliver some parts, after which it will return to Earth, get gutted, and be transformed into an amusement park ride.

I’m just guessing the final fate of the shuttle. Maybe they’ll have3 it bronzed.

Either way, the shuttle launch will be the first streaming live event broadcast live via the PlayStation Home service. Fans will be able to tune into the historic event from within the LOOT Sunset Yacht, a premium PlayStation Home space available for purchase in the Home Mall.

That means that unless you know friends with a yacht or buy one yourself, you won’t be able to watch the launch at all.

Unless you go to the NASA web site. Or if you have cable. If not, I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube.

Man, way to water down a milestone, Sony.

Final NASA Shuttle Launch is First Live-Streaming Event in PlayStation Home [PlayStation Blog]

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