Does Anyone Want To Dress Like Isaac Clarke?

Isaac Clarke, hero of the Dead Space series of horror/shooters from Electronic Arts, isn't the first man you'd turn to for fashion advice. I mean, he spends his days in an engineer suit. Covered in blood.

The supremely talented Indonesian artist machine56 sees something in Clarke's look, though, because he's drawn up this design for a hoodie paying tribute to Isaac's suit, which in the game doubles as the player's health bar.

Which it lacks official blessing from EA, machine56 has sold plenty of great hoodies on his site before, so hopefully even if the publisher doesn't have anything to do with this (and they eventually get made), people will be able to get their hands on one.

You can check out machine56's other works at the site below.



    I'm not buying it until it has a hologram to tell me how many jaffas are left in my bag.

    I want it.

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