Does Minecraft Really Need A Commercial?

art of the whole point of indie PC hit Minecraft is that it's a word-of-mouth kind of deal. So a commercial, even one that may be "fan-made", seems to be missing the point a little.

I say "fan-made" and not fan-made because, while it's unclear whether this clip is actually a paid production of the development team or not, it was made by filmmaker Martin Waltz. And arguments of need aside, is pretty slick!

Oh, and please, we know. There are "inaccuracies" in terms of how Minecraft resources are actually gathered. So try and focus on the humour instead of falling over yourselves pointing them out, OK?


    This is way better:

    I squirmed when the guy lost part of his face. That was just gross.

    Come to think of it, why did that gross me out more than anything in Dead Space 2?

    Awesome tracking :)

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