Don't Hold Your Breath For A Nintendo Vs Capcom Fighting Game

Capcom vs Marvel. Capcom vs SNK (pictured). Capcom vs Namco. Know who's missing? Nintendo. And that might not change.

At last year's Gamecom gaming convention, Street Fighter producer and all-around wacky guy Yoshinori Ono was asked about the idea of a Capcom vs Nintendo game. "I mentioned it was an interesting idea," Ono said recently. But that somehow snowballed into Ono saying he had plans to do it.

"I certainly don't think anything is impossible," Ono added, "though not terribly likely is probably a way to phrase it."

Ono actually ended up apologising to Nintendo honcho Satoru Iwata for letting things get so out of hand. So Nintendo vs Capcom? Don't count on it, unless its Yoshinori Ono apologising to the house that Mario built.

Apologizing for Nintendo vs. Capcom - Wii News at IGN [IGN via Even Thumbs via GoNintendo][Pic]


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