Don't Let The Movies Kill Dead Space

Dead Space 2 is a crazy good game, and the survival horror series is building up a sizable fan base. Know what that means?

There are rumblings of movie possibilities. The game's already got the animated and graphic novel treatment as well as toys. So a big screen version seems to be the logical next step!

Dead Space co-creator Ian Milham tells the BBC, "We would love to have a live action film and we've had a lot of discussion." But Milham says that one of the reasons that Dead Space still exists and is still popular is that the developers "made sure to do everything right".

Actually, the reason why Dead Space is popular is because the games are really good. Still, if Mario can survive silly cartoons and a horrible movie version, Dead Space will be just fine. Right?

"So we're doing the same with the film," Milham adds, "not just a cheap cash-in but to do something really worthwhile, so we'll see."

Everyone goes to Hollywood with the best intentions, but Hollywood is where video games go to die. Just focus on Dead Space 3, people!

BBC - Newsbeat - Dead Space 2 film 'won't be rushed' [BBC via CVG]


    No no no no no oh god no. Please just stick the the anime films, they do fine

    We've already seen the movie - Alien + Aliens.

      I think its more Pandorum or Event horizon than Aliens

        I do recall a huge thread on which movie Dead Space is most like, and a lot of ppl say Event Horizon. Prolly because the internals of the Ishimura look a lot like the ones in the Event Horizon. Let's not forget that a character, D.J., was played by Jason Isaacs.

        But seriously, why make a movie about a game about a mash-up of movies?...

    If they make a movie.. Make it CGI!! Not with real people..

    If they do turn Dead Space into a movie it would be interesting to see if they keep the same level of gore as the games have or whether they would tone it down to try and reach a larger audience.

      The anime was extremely brutal.

    Film just got the go ahead, there were a few minor script changes.

    * Instead of space, this now takes place on a planet
    * The lead character had a sex change
    * They're accompanied by a squad of thong-mail bikini clad cheerleaders with pompoms.

    Perhaps the problem is not the actual concept of making a movie from a game, but the fact that almost all games are terribly written, have terrible dialogue and awful generic characters. I mean really, think how lame dead space 1 and 2 are when you remove them from the safe bubble of 'video games'. They are straight-to-video shlock or a $3.99 soft cover. We cringe as we see our beloved games bumbled onto the big screen, but we dont cringe when the same shocking dialogue in the game, why are our standards lowered when we play games? It's not a matter of tech.


    I'd have no issues with them making a movie if they did it right. Doing it with proper actors might not be as good as doing it with CGI and might be cool with a 3D graphics level that matches Avatar.

    The good thing is they have the IP and could base it at any point of the game series basing the events on another character somewhere else, or during the in between. Perhaps having a story that runs parallel to the game's main character with another character or group acting elsewhere to combat the necromorphs.

    "but we dont cringe when the same shocking dialogue in the game, why are our standards lowered when we play games? It’s not a matter of tech.

    Because the most important factor in games is gameplay. When you remove that you remove what made the game great and are left with all the arbitry crap. Those why most game to film adaptions suck.

      Totally agree, even if this post will never be seen.

      I hate it when people assume that popular game franchises will make great films.

      Angry Birds: The Movie!?!?!?!


    Having seen the 4 bits they tried to call a movie Dead Space: Aftermath I think it's a bad idea.

    Some of the anime bits where good, but the radical changes between the CGI, and 3 Anime's made it disjonted and weird.

    The same Technology worked differently in every shot. Characters personalities changed majorly every scene. First Anime sequence lots of people live. A retelling of the same sequence everyone dies but a few. While I get that 3 different studios did the anime parts, the worst was the damn CGI bit that was meant to tie it all together. It lost consistency with itself.

    I admit I kinda like the way the anime's worked as flashbacks for characters but I still feel the writing was terrible, and predictable.

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