Don't Think Of This As Mass Effect 3 "Fan Art"

To call it that would be to give you the idea this is a comic, perhaps, or a shot of Miranda with her kit off. No, this is art that, while made by a fan, would be at home amongst professionals.

These pieces were done by Polish artist Patryk Olejniczak, and were born of his desire "to make one of the best [pieces of]fan art (which would also work as promo or poster art) to be had". You're getting pretty close, Patryk.

While he uses screenshots and character art for reference, Olejniczak says that he doesn't rely on things like tracing, 3D models or painting over screenshots to get these results. These are simply digital paintings. Beautiful digital paintings.

Mass Effect - Thane Krios [Garrett Art Lair]


    Ooo, purdy.

    if only the game could pull that off
    it looks alot more gritty and alot more desperate instead of everything being clean and shiny

    Just give me more MASS EFFECT 3 details already!

    getting itchy for ME3!!!

    Those are AMAZING.

    That one of Shepard, especially.


    Incredibly well done. Nice.

    They are incredible. This guy is amazingly talented

    Bioware should hire this guy.

    He should sell these as posters on Amazon. I'd totally buy them.

    I like the one of Shepard especially. He's got the weight of the galaxy on his shoulders, but you spend so much time in the game just being a badass commander. It's interesting to see him in a reflective or pensive state. "This is tough. Can we really do this?"

    This guy needs to do a poster like that, of Jack.
    Jack in that much detail would be brilliant

      While that sounds like a good idea, I think the tattoos are too hard to do. I haven't found much fan-art of Jack.

    Absolutely awesome

    I would actually love to see one of the starter Femshep and throw one in of Tali as well. These are gorgeous beyond all belief - and I definitely have a soft spot for Thane.

    I hope he makes it to ME3. I want a cure!

    I think I'll just leave this link here.
    You should actually check out this guy's page. Pretty cool stuff.

    i'm pretty sure that's fan art

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