Duke Nukem Isn't A Big Fan Of Halo's Spartan Armor

Duke Nukem Forever, like the Duke Nukems before it, is a game packed with references. References to movies, references to news and, yes, reference to other video games.

In this scene, which I snapped while playing through the opening of the game earlier this week, Duke calls out anyone who wears "green armor", saying such a person is a part of the female anatomy.

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    Looks like there's still only 2 weapons at once. Fucking terrible job you did Gearbox ey, it really wasn't that hard to get right.

      Yeah, making a sequel that's been highly anticipated for a decade and while trying to make it live up to millions of impatient fans' expectations can't be hard at ALL.

      Before putting Gearbox down... it was 3D Realms' decision to implement the 2 weapon system and not Gearbox's, if you are getting it for PC just wait for a weapon hoard mod to be released.

      Bizarre...having a go at Halo when Duke can only carry two guns himself. This is pathetic; following in the footsteps of army games.

      This is sort of a dealbreaker. When I play a game like Duke Nukem/Serious Sam/Unreal Tournament, I don't want to be shackled by realism.

      Screw 2 guns, I want a bottomless fantasy bag.

    Master Chief would destroy Duke. end of story.

      Master Chief aint got no balls of steel!
      Destroy Duke, pffft - Chuck Norris runs and cower before him!

        They say Chuck Norris checks under his bed every night to see if Duke Nukem isnt under there.

          He also warns his kids that if they don't behave Duke will get them.

      Pfft... consoletard, Mastercheif is just some pansy in hightech armour and ha the personality of a piece of cheese.

      You dont see Duke Nukem hiding behind some hightech armor do you, put Master Cheif in Duke Nukems world without his armour and he wouldnt last 5 seconds.

        Actually, if I'm getting my Halo backstory right here, Master Chief fought in heaps of battles before he got his armour. All the Spartans are pretty badass on their own.

        Ahhhh Master Chief fought in wars prior to donning his armour. Aside from that he has been trained since a child to be a killing machine. Also on top of that he has genetic manipulations to make him faster, stronger, smarter and in general more resilient then any regular human would ever be. I like the Duke...but he would die...

          duke didnt need to be trained. he was born kicking ass and chewing bubblegum.

      Ignorant troll is ignorant.

      Ahhh... "Modern Gamers" and their unrivaled gaming knowledge.

        Ahhh...'Vintage Gamers' and their unrivaled condescension.

      by destroy, you must mean be grovelling @ duke's feet and crying for mercy, if duke heard you saying that he'd go over to your place and [email protected]#$ Start your head lol.

        An eel would destroy both of them
        That's right. An eel.
        End of story.

    It's actually a nod to how much the Halo armor is just a ripoff of Doom's armor design, helmet in particular.

    Duke had a good rivalry with id Software shooters, with a dead Doomguy showing up in Duke 3D and the eponymous lead role commenting "That's one doomed space marine."

      And your source is...?

      How exactly is Chief's armour a ripoff? They look barely alike, besides both clearly being suits of armour. It's like saying that CoD is a ripoff of Doom because they both have guns in them. Do some actual research before presenting wild guesses as fact, hmm?

        Here's the Doom guy - Quake 3 style.


        And here's Master Chief.


        Notice the very similar helmet shape, moulded armour with hard lines, and all-round green colour.

        Run back to your cave, fanboi.

          Go Goober, correcting noobs and coding games since the 286 days.


        Source? What, you want me to hunt down George Broussard and John Carmack to get quotes from them to post, supporting an argument on a video game news site? Okay, I'll get right on that, soon as I cash this 20 mil cheque I've been putting off. I so hate going to the bank.

        Use your eyeballs, mate:

        You don't want to admit it's ridiculously similar and in the same genre while Doom's impact is still felt? That's your business. Fact is, they could've given the guy trees for arms and dragonheads for shoulderpads, but they went with a strikingly similar design.

          +1 zing

        what's your paypal account mate? i'm sure many people here would take pity on you and donate some $ for the vision test you clearly need.

      How far down the list did we get before someone brought up that the original did this with Doom. There were several guys who'd been nailed by the aliens, and Duke makes a comment. There's still plenty of time left to play through the entire first game before rushing to post comments on continuity.

    I guess this is the 2011 version of "that's one doomed space marine". Green armor, anyone?

    your all nerds arguing over fiction video game characters who dont really exist.

      I love me some Halo, but you're so right. I can't believe people are actually carrying on like this, it's gold!

        +1 I enjoy halo, but I've still got a sense of humour!

      yeah, stupid nerds, you should be arguing over fiction video game characters who do really exist.

    Halo fanboys come out to play.... ;)

    Yes, Master Chief is a rip off of the Doom Marine, but yall forgetting who ID ripped off...

    The OG Space Marine!!


      lol everything micro$oft does is a ripoff of something else. the ONLY think miscro$oft and Bill Gates didn't steal was dos...

      don't waste your time trying to prove or discuss anything with low cpu/gpu/ram spec'd console users they're a lost cause.

    12 years ago, Duke asked Chuck Norris to keep his throne warm while he went on vacation.... well he's back... "Hail to the king, Baby"

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