Duty Calls Is A Quick And Brutal Stab At Call Of Duty

Duty Calls Is A Quick And Brutal Stab At Call Of Duty

Look away, Call of Duty fans; just look away. Bulletstorm’s Duty Calls parody game viciously sums up the Call of Duty experience in one painfully funny four-minute experience complete with boring briefings, bloody screens, and the obligatory slow-motion shoot-out.

If you plan on downloading and playing Duty Calls, don’t watch this video. It’s a full play though of the game from start to finish.

The Halo-inspired diorama video Bulletstorm’s creators released last month could be considered homage if you looked at it sideways. Duty Calls, on the other hand, feels like a direct attack against one of gaming’s most successful shooter series. I’m not saying it isn’t hilarious and to some extent spot-on. It’s just all a bit mean-spirited.

But that’s OK. Bulletstorm looks like it’ll be fun, but I don’t see it converting the Call of Duty faithful any time soon.


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