Duty Calls Is A Quick And Brutal Stab At Call Of Duty

Look away, Call of Duty fans; just look away. Bulletstorm's Duty Calls parody game viciously sums up the Call of Duty experience in one painfully funny four-minute experience complete with boring briefings, bloody screens, and the obligatory slow-motion shoot-out.

If you plan on downloading and playing Duty Calls, don't watch this video. It's a full play though of the game from start to finish.

The Halo-inspired diorama video Bulletstorm's creators released last month could be considered homage if you looked at it sideways. Duty Calls, on the other hand, feels like a direct attack against one of gaming's most successful shooter series. I'm not saying it isn't hilarious and to some extent spot-on. It's just all a bit mean-spirited.

But that's OK. Bulletstorm looks like it'll be fun, but I don't see it converting the Call of Duty faithful any time soon.


    Awesome. I'll be playing this later today :)
    It's actually made me more interested in Bulletstorm than any of the Bulletstorm videos. Must be the lack of voice-overs letting us know how cool it is.

    This is F*ckin Hillarious...

    Love the Thumb-Flags. That sums up CoD more than anything.

    These guys know shit*!

    is anyone else getting sick of this stuff?

      Yeah, I am. But I just avoid this kind of articles and continue on.

        Couldn't avoid this one though.

    Call of Duty is just a game that targets the genetically inferior masses - those who find doing the same bland thing over and over and over again appealing. Put a piece of plastic that is sparkly and shiny infront of 95% of the population and they'll sit there staring blankly at it while drooling for hours. It's a really smart marketing ploy. The intellectually superior 5% don't matter. We don't buy crap.

      Wow, really? 100% of the people that read this article now think you're dick

      @Nick - +1 to your comment

    I was really disappointed in this tbh. It was funny, but it was like 2 minutes "gameplay" walking from A to B with jokes in between. Just watch the vid and save yourself downloading 700mb.

      I somehow feel the joke of it all went somewhat over your head...

    Maybe one day I can also reach the rank of Sergeant of the Master Sergeants Most Important Person of Extream Sergeants to the MAX!

    Found this to be hilarious! Man I love Epic! Hate CoD too.

    Heh, the ending was spot on.

    @Johnny - you're not intellectually superior for being interested in certain genres of games. Get off your high horse, mate.

    lol remember this isnt the first time they made reference to CoD, but they did it in BFBC2 in the main story line with quotes directly accociated with MW2, gotta love EA

    Bloodddyy screenn SOO REALLL!

    Haha funny stuff, although the COD series has 5 soild games under it's belt (and about 10 shit ones). So I hope to god bulletstorm is a solid game, or else People Can Fly and Epic Games are gonna look quite the fools.

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