Ex-Soldier Brutally Beat Boy Over Game Deletion

In April 2009, a soldier beat an eight-year-old boy so severely that his intestines burst. The child is hooked up to a machine that feeds him nutrients and collects his waste. All this over a deleted Grand Theft Auto IV game file.

"We originally got the call form the hospital that a child had fallen off a bed and sustained some internal injuries," Capt Will Hines of Oklahoma's Lawton Police Department told local news outlet KSWO in 2009.

Once police discovered how serious the boy's injuries were, they began to press his mother and her boyfriend Rocky Donadio, then a soldier at Fort Sill. The story then changed from the child falling off the bed to wrestling with his brothers and another one of the kids jumping off the bed onto his stomach.

"The problem we had is the victim in this case was incoherent for the longest time, detectives could not interview him to ask him what had happened, the other siblings were obviously scared, didn't know what to do," Capt Hines said at the time.

Donadio was charged with child abuse, and yesterday it took the jury only 30 minutes to find him guilty of child abuse, KSWO reports. A source close to the case tells Kotaku that Donadio punched, kicked and then stomped on the boy's stomach because the child deleted Donadio's Grand Theft Auto IV save file.

The abuse was so servere, the source says, that the boy's intestines burst. He underwent over 60 surgeries that removed most of his digestive tract and pancreas, and he is currently hooked up to a machine that feeds him nutrients as well as disposes of his waste.

Donadio was sentenced to 75 years in prison and must serve at least 85 per cent of that before being eligible for parole.


    Justice has been served, finally.

    good effing riddance

    This dude would be totally into the Dead Island trailer - seriously.

    That is just disgustingly horrible. Now a poor boy has to be hooked up to a massive machine all day just to live. I wish stem cell regeneration practices were in place already.

    Thats just sickening.

    See what being a soldier can do.
    This is 100% proof we need to ban all soldiers now.

    Seriusly he has issues and must feel real tough beating up an 8 year old like that.

      Ethnicity prone to violence - not all soldiers are THIS cruel.

    I've felt pretty homicidal myself over deleted game files by cousins and such, you learn after the first couple times simply to make backups.

    But this guy's a fucking psycho. Shoot the prick.


    Holy crap, you wouldn't get that for murder. Still, he deserves every day

    Good! I hope he rots.

    Wow, this actually made me sick. Thank God they locked him up and are leaving him to rot in there.

    Good riddance, let's hope he doesn't make it out.

    But what about the mother? Why dind't she come out and say what had happened to her son???? If she knew and was protecting her boyfriend over her son she should be locked away as well.

      Maybe the mother was scared too? If he could do this to a kid over a save game, imagine what he'd do to the mother

    I remember when my at the time seven year old saved over my Oblivion character. I was pretty upset.

    But a few deep breaths and some weeping and I was okay. That was when I decided it was okay for him to have his own profile on the Xbox.

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