Fable III Journeys To Traitor's Keep Next Week

Only the best-dressed adventurer will survive the three new levels for Fable III in Traitor's Keep, the new downloadable content pack coming to the Xbox 360 on March 1.

Ravenscar Keep, Clockwork Island, and the Godwin Estate will open to Fable III players for the price of 560 Microsoft points ($US8) on the first of March, giving adventurers new quests to complete, new monsters to slay, and some creative new outfits to set them apart.



    Looks nice but I'm waiting for them to bring out a DLC that adds Fable 2 or at least Fable 1 level character morphing to the game. Untill then I have no reason for a second, third or even fourth playthrough like I did with the previous games.

    Also I wrote this before and hit submit comment but my internet stuffed up and I'm not sure it went through. If it did then sorry for the double post.

    And it's still not out for PC.

    I think I may cancel my preorder at this rate.

      well its confirmed for may 17 which seems stupid since it's the same day as the witcher comes out

    Him Fable III has some nice graphics. Yet to check it out or even pass Fable 2 - people say Fable 3 is too easy though.

      It is too easy, but oddly theres something about it that just keeps drawing you back...

      I'd rate Fable 3 up there with Heavy Rain... in how bad it is. Don't bother. Pathetically easy - just ridiculous, story is a joke, and the 'choices' you make... sigh. Bad. Bad. Bad.

        Thoroughly disappointing game. Not sure what their goal was.

    why are they bothering.

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