Fallen Company Of Heroes Developer Celebrated With Song

Fallen Company Of Heroes Developer Celebrated With Song

Brian Wood, the Company of Heroes designer who perished in a car crash in September, was a game developer, devoted husband and an accomplished choral singer. This weekend his former choir mates will remember Brian through the music he loved.

We’ve been following the story of Relic Entertainment’s Brian Wood since the tragic automobile accident that took his life in September of last year. We’ve heard from his widow Erin, bravely soldiering on with the baby girl Brian never got a chance to see. We watched as the gaming community rallied around Erin and Sierra, providing support in their time of need.

What we haven’t done is explore much of Brian Wood’s life beyond game development, a life that will be celebrated on February 27 with a special concert at St. Andrews United Church in Toronto, Ontario. Espiritu Vocal Ensemble will host a concert with Pandora’s Vox, the A Capella Chorus and St Andrew’s Children’s Choir.

Wood himself was a member of the Espiritu Vocal Ensemble, and his former choir-mates have nothing but praise for the man.

“He was always very smart, very quick, very creative, but he was also very private, which made talking to him really fun because it was this voyage of discovery,” said friend and choir member Mat Burke.

It wasn’t until the two of them had been friends for years that Burke discovered Brian had completed a music degree, for instance.

“He would never brag about it and he would never, unsolicited, bring up all these interesting facets about himself, but he was such an interesting guy,” he said.

The performance will begin at 3pm on Sunday, February 27. Tickets will cost $US25, with children admitted for a donation.

All proceeds will benefit The Brian Wood Memorial Trust.

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