Fancy Being IN Resistance 3?

Competitions don't usually make the news at Kotaku, but Sony are currently running a competition with a pretty unique prize - the chance to actually appear as a survivor in Resistance 3.

If you head to this page on the Sony Europe website, and upload a pic of yourself looking like you're in a Resistance style battle, you can be in the running to win a flight to San Diego, hang out with the Resistance 3 development team, and then have your head scanned in 3D for the game.

It's a pretty impressive prize. Fly to San Diego, meet the development team, and get your ugly mug in the game. Apparently the prize is open to Australians, so it might be worth a bash.


    Nice! Awesome prize. Time to start planning. :) Good luck everyone. Hope someone from here wins!

    I wanna win so I can tell them how boring that PSP game was...

      Well, I thought it was pretty decent. But it got repetitive towards the end. Also, Insmoniac didn't make Resistance Retribution, Sony Bend Studios did. They're the ones making Uncharted for the NGP.

        Thanks for the heads up, I would have looked a right twat.

    When will they have a Final Fantasy version of this?

    Because you know, I love androgyny. And speaking Japanese.

      And wearing multi-coloured outfits with one-armed pauldrons while wielding XXL weapons!

      Comp sounds interesting though. Better than that Conduit 2 comp where you just got a pic of yourself ingame as a wanted poster.

    I don't like how I look in photos let alone rendering my ugly ass head in 3D.

    This is pretty sweet.

    Sony, Sony...

    Might pay to check the fine-print, we'll probably get surcharged just to enter the competition.

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