Fancy Winning A GizMod Rukus?

We're going to have a pretty big competition this week - stay tuned for that - but in the meantime Gizmodo is giving away a frickin' car. And not just any car - a car completely tricked out, pimped if you will, with all the latest gadgets and stuff. Yes. Nick Broughall is our resident Xzibit. He heard you liked Gadgets. He put them in a car.

Here's what Nick 'Xzibit' Broughall has to say about the Gizmod Rukus.

Toyota delivered it, Gizmodo tricked it out. The Gizmod is now a fully functional entertainment centre on wheels. And all $42,486 worth can be yours!

We started with a stock white Toyota Rukus Build 3. Then started the upgrade process with a Pioneer AVIC F-20BT headunit plus an HITVPURE3PK2 Digital TV Tuner and two RGS800 LCD/DVD headrests for a perfect ‘bedrock’ layer of entertainment on the move. Then we have a Telstra NextG Wireless Modem for constant connectivity, a Sony Playstation 3 for gaming and Blu-ray action, and an Epson TW450 video projector for a drive-in experience anywhere you want one. An Intelematics Carcom security system keeps it all safe while a GSL Pure Sinewave Power Inverter to keep it all running. An Autografika custom car skin to gives the Gizmod its final layer of polish. With thanks to the teams at, Concord Customs, and Autografika for performing the installations.

To enter the competition, head to this competition page and fill out the details necessary before the 24th of Feb. Entries are restricted to one per day.



    Not in relation to this article, but rather in relation ot this quote:
    "We’re going to have a pretty big competition this week"

    I hate this comment. You know why? I'm going to be away from tomorrow onwards.

    I hope the comp isn't to win a 3DS, Crysis 2, Skyrim, Human Revolution or date with Mark Serrels, because they're all prizes I want! :(

    Yours truly,

      I just got the inside info!

      The competiton is to win a pre-release coppy of Skyrim installed on a 3DS which will be handed to by Mark Serrels on a date at a Human Revolution themed bar whilst he's wearing a Crysis 2 nano suit.

        I hear Scotsmen don't wear anything under their Nano suits...

          I'm not telling, that'd ruin the suprise when you look up and see me jumping off a ledge to cush your skull as the wind blillows under my neno suit.

          In that second you will hesitate, and I will win. :D


    How quickly is the winner gonna crash it with all those distractions? :P

    Holy rap - what an awesome comp - entered!!!

    Whats puzzling me more is what the new kotaku comp is!!!


    I LOVE *YOU* MARK!!!


    I like what you did with my hair in that photo, Serrels. Also, I've never been that tanned before...

      Hey Nick - I heard you liked posts, so I put your post inside my post, so you could post on your post, while you post on my post.

        I'm so enthused by the romance between Kotaku and Gizmodo, that I'm going to eat some chicken and shit.

        My fav meme...well done!

        (slow(slow clap)clap)...

        Epic win

        and now for education

    Entered. Would love to win that but getting it back to Perth would be a prob. Road trip anyone? :P

    Whilst the car is awesome and I have entered to win it (so the rest of you can bugger off, I need a car damnit!), I still think it'd have looked better with a green & gold circuit pattern

    Such a pity the car itself looks like it's been beaten with an ugly stick. I don't mean the paint job, I mean the car itself. It looks like a cardboard box on wheels.

    Cripes... I didn't think that car could get any uglier.

      Oh it could happen with some dog turd and lime green paint.

    Honestly I need to bring this up again but wtf were Toyota thinking when designing the Rukus? "Hey let's make a car look as ugly and old fashioned as possible and try to market it to the younger generation". I've seen a couple on the road since first reading this story and good grief they look even worse in real life than they do in photos.

    Not to bash on Gizmodo as what they've done to the car to "geek my ride" is awesome, but the fact it's an ugly as hell Toyota Rukus totally ruins the work they put into it.

    I've got the perfect place at home to set up the projector and consoles...
    Thank god for the lazy man's paintjob, that vinyl wrap makes it easy to remove that layer of ugly.

    Why I think I might just enter this! Won't catch me rollin' with ma homies in this ride though.

    (While I would defintely resell it for a different car, I actually like the look of the Ruckus, but then I like the Nissan Cube as well. It's just that every example I've seen here in Aus has been a vinyl wrapped advertising monstrosity)

    I am fastidiously entering this every morning when I get to work. Thanks for the heads-up, Mark!

    I wouldn't really care about the wrap on the car at all, if its going to advertise for Gizmodo and you won the car, I wouldn't hesitate in it for a second.

    You could say its there reward for rewarding you with an amazing gift, I've entered this everyday since the comp was released same with my mother I believe, this would be AMAZING for my family.

    Did someone say, "Canyonero" ?

    Umm.. hey did anyone win it yet?

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