Fatal Stabbing In Game Boy Dispute Nets A 5-Year Sentence

An argument over a stolen gaming handheld last May led to a fatal stabbing, a guilty plea, and a sentence to five and a half years in state prison today in New Jersey. The victim's mother is outraged.

John Rosa, 23, of Paterson, pleaded guilty in December to the homicide, described as "passion-provocation manslaughter" under New Jersey law. Thursday, he was sentenced to 66 months in prison.

The facts of the killing describe a dispute over a Game Boy. Rosa admitted that on May 2, he got in a fight with Devone McCrary over a Game Boy stolen from a party several weeks before. He stabbed McCrary in the chest with a knife; the victim had been handed a screwdriver by a friend as the dispute escalated.

A grand jury declined to indict Rosa on a murder charge, opting for the manslaughter count instead. Prosecutors, noting that Rosa may have won an acquittal on a murder charge had that gone to trial, were satisfied with the guilty plea and the sentence. Not McCrary's mother, however.

"I want you to think real hard about what you took away from me, over a video game," she shouted at Rosa. "I hope you suffer."

McCrary was killed six days before his birthday.

Paterson man gets 5 1/2 years for killing over stolen Game Boy [The (Bergen, N.J.) Record]


    It couldnt have been a murder charge, the prosecutors were right... a win is better than no win and an aquittal on an incorrect charge.

    At any rate, it'd be more than he'd get in Australia... you'd have to murder 16 people and cannibalise half of them to get a 5 1/2 year sentence here, and even then it might be overturned on appeal.

      "you’d have to murder 16 people and cannibalise half of them to get a 5 1/2 year sentence here, and even then it might be overturned on appeal."

      What the hell, what kind of rock have you been living under?
      This is either extreme stupidity or sarcasm.

        The mean time in jail for pleading guilty to murdering someone (so that's killing them and admitting you wanted to) is about 2 years?

    Yeah... hard one. You can never ask the mother of a victim what she thinks, she is SUPPOSED to be outraged you know? Even if the other person gets the death penalty, the mother will still never get her son back, there's no punishment that can fix that.

    So really it's all down to our larger judicial system to try and take some of the emotion out of it. If this is classified as a crime of passion, those are meant to be given lighter sentences because in the larger scheme of things, they are not 'as bad' a problem as premeditated, planned murders.

    Really it's nothing new.
    Human lives have been pretty cheap for years now.

      With six billion people in the world, you expect each individual to be worth *more*?

    the guy stolen his DS GAME deserved to get stabbed with a phillips head

    What type of Game Boy was it? I could understand if it was a rare AGS-101 model.

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