Feel The Love In These Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Screens

You might have seen them yesterday elsewhere, but today Bethesda sets free 10 stunning screens for The Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion, and we just had to share.


    Hmm, i wonder if i can somehow sleep till november! :P

      In the weeks leading up to the release I wont be sleeping much at all. lol

    MUCH better than Oblivion that's for sure. But c'mon Betheshda has sh*t loads of money - surely they can afford the funds to create a better graphics engine.

    I'll reserve full expectations when its released like the size of the world and game. But there are still many action/adventures and RPGs out there with MUCH better graphics - graphics just do it for me.

      Who cares about graphics, the humans look human, that's good enough. Now we just have to hope the game is better than Oblivion!


    "for The Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion"

    ...uh...a little confused are we?

    I own Elder Scrolls IV here, and funnily enough THAT's called "Oblivion"...


    if only it had dialogue like mass effect 2

    I love the first one "Halt! You shall not pass!"

    Well composed graphics but not as good as what's around. What engine?

    Moreover, the game play was fairly lame. It really didn't matter what angle you chose the outcomes didn't vary much. After 15 mins it was rinse, repeat.

    The screenshots though look like very similar gameplay. Host of options at the start were we all think we have such differing abilities. But its just dungeons/caverns, walk / ride around. A few towns to explore. Sorry, it should be about gameplay - lets see if that is any better.

    Looks like Dark Messiah of M&M. If it is half as good, I'll buy it. If you like real cRPGs look after DaggerXL.

    If anyone can get their hands on the most recent issue of Gameinformer, there's a fantastic 12-page feature on Skyrim that would be well worth the read, especially if you don't just care about the pretty paint. The good news: replacing the old leveling mechanic.

    mmm i see a dragon and lots of pretties I APPROVE GREATLY OF THESE SCREENS!

    I want this game it will be my Singleplayer experience for a couple of months atleast i hope

    I'm just hoping there're more than 3 voice actors this time.
    OK, exageration, but still, hearing the same voice on many, many NPCs, was a little detrimental to the immersion.


    I could care less about the graphics. Oblivion had several glaring issues that need to be fixed or gotten rid off in this game. First off, the stupid AI which sends NPC's aimlessly wandering around areas having broken conversations - Into the bin. And the goddamn dialogue system. What's that evil necromancer? You have the same dialogue choices (and answers) as the prison guard I talked to at the very start of the game? - INTO THE BIN.

      Man I had some game breaking "pressure plates not opening dungeon gates" issues with Oblivion (XBOX360).
      At times I had to reload a save way back and just hope bug did not migrate.
      Worked sometimes but one I caught the disease it was just fingers crossed every time I stepped on a plate.
      I remember some correspondence with Bethesda about the issue and in the end they said you will need to restart. What? After 60+ hours of play ... restart!
      Anyway it was a great game and looking forward to the next.

      You COULD care less? So I take it you care quite a bit then?

        Ssh! "Could care less" is a popular misstatement of "Couldn't care less" and it amuses me whenever I see it.

    People stop your whining, how can you enjoy anything with negative outlooks like that. And heres the age old statement, "can you do better!"

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