Felicia Day Seeks Redemption In Dragon Age

Felicia Day Seeks Redemption In Dragon Age

Fancy watching Felicia Day floundering around in a live action show based on the Dragon Age universe? At this stage, I’m not sure, but it’s happening regardless! According to USA Today, a six part web series will be shown later this year called Dragon Age: Redemption, and will start Felicia as a “headstrong” Elven Assassin.

“Tallis is headstrong, she fights dirty, and she has a really sarcastic sense of humor,” said Day. “I wanted to bring a modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world.”

Apparently the series revolves around a quest to find a “renegade magician”. Bioware big chief, Greg Zeschuk is convinced that Felicia has enough knowledge and passion for gaming to do the Dragon Age universe justice.

“We are really, really excited to work with people like her who have a passion and appreciation for the content and a really good history of quality, claimed Zeschuk. “That’s who we want to work with.”

We’re yet to be convinced – but it’s great to see more mainstream exposure for Dragon Age 2.

Felicia Day breathes fire into ‘Dragon Age’ series

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