Felicia Day Teaches Us Proper Dragon Age Dagger Techniques

Felicia Day, star of the Internet series The Guild, will also be the star of Dragon Age: Redemption a web spin-off to the dark fantasy Dragon Age series that will debut this (northern) summer.

She also has a huge crush on Thane, the dying green alien from Mass Effect 2 ("He is not a lizard man!" she protested when I referred to him as such.) In New York yesterday she was promoting Redemption and effortlessly testifying to her gaming credentials. That's a combo that could benefit those of us who are disappointed with the live-action versions of video games that we've been subjected to so far.

Day would love to make a Mass Effect of Fallout movie someday, she told me. She gets it; she gets that gaming worlds are places you visit for eight or 80 hours, not two - something she thinks the current makers of video game movies miss. She's taking that respect to Dragon Age Redemption, though not with a Hollywood-size budget.

You'll get the gist from the quick video interview we shot. Not seen in the video: the picture she showed me on her iPhone of the nasty-looking busted lip she got while learning sword-fighting for the series. Look for its debut this summer. We've got a teaser here.


    I love Dragon Age...this? This is just embarrassing!

    EA would never exploit a popular franchise like Dragon Age....

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