Feminists, Duke Nukem Is Here For You Too

Does Duke Nukem Forever, with its strippers and schoolgirl threesomes, rub your feminist agenda the wrong way? "Awesome," says the man now in charge of the Duke Nukem series. Duke is yours for the exploiting.

Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, the home of Duke, tells Eurogamer that for all of Duke Nukem Forever's machismo and crass behaviour - and press events held at the "Titty City" strip club in Las Vegas - he may be the ideal (video game) instrument for advocating women's rights.

"I'll tell you what, if some feminist organisation that is doing a great job advocating women's rights worldwide, which I think is really important, can get some advantage by using Duke... go for it," Pitchford said. "How is there a downside for humanity? Go for it. Take it. Use Duke. That would be awesome."

Pitchford's approach to Duke's politically incorrect mannerisms - which the Gearbox president calls "hedonistic", "not misogynistic" - seems to be "there's no such thing as bad press".

Duke: Pitchford welcomes feminist anger [Eurogamer]


    What A Legend!

    This is a tough one. Duke's characterisation is so larger-than-life that feminists might just laugh at it also.

    Some games truely degrade women, but Duke can interpreted as satrical characterisation of the male ego. i.e Taking the piss out of men's fantasy.

    I mean, if any bloke connected with Duke beyond a comical level and saw Duke as a image to be persued or a reflection of their own masculinity, I'm sure we would laugh at them also.

    I see Duke as not the male idealism, but satire of a culture. I think this satirical element may be lost on the younger gamers.

    Or worse, find a father figure in ole' Duke!

    Anyway, looking forward to licking this up.

    honestly though, its a computer game i dont think that anyone should at all be trying to say that the duke himself does not love and respect women, straight up he saved their sweet asses time and time again (not to mention the re-population of the world via his extremely virile loins, these feminazis should just chillll sit back and have a frag.

    Why on earth did I read all the quotes from Randy Pitchford in that article with Duke's voice?

    Also, and I mean no offence, but these days, who the hell calls their kid "Randy"?

    The game is pathetically misogynist in every way its fucking possible to be and Pitchford is a mouth breathing moron if he thinks that a game where women are relegated to the position of sex object A and sex object B can be in any way a good force for good.

      I think somoene needs a good'ol fashioned christian side hug haha

      All I read there was "Wah. Wah. Waaah! I'm a tool. I'm a tool tool tool tool tool. I am a MASSIVE tool. My head is up my ass and my ability to differentiate seriousness from satire is about on par with my ability to fly - literally bugger all."

      Keep fighting the moral crusade against fun buttercup. Someone might give a damn one day.

        Lol yes the complete saturation of modern media with this type of shit definately doesnt impact on this being part of a wider cultural thing yase it exists totally in a vacuum.

        Oh satire and irony how could i forget, yes because the game satirises everything soooo well and definately isnt the remnants of manchild fantasy.

        Seriously kill yourself you waste of life.

        "literally bugger all.” lol that's a lot of buggery

    Lady Gaga talkin bout grinding 'disco sticks' whilst making jerk off actions whilst two dudes thrust their crotches at her is for some reason, liberating, provocative, and thought provoking.

    She uses nothing but sex to convey her message, and doesnt shy away from it. Personally I think her music is trash, and sold the same way sex has since day one.

    My point? Why is it that a male figure, who has saved the world countless times, cant use pretty much the same disregard for social norms?

    If using your body to sell your music through sex is okay, so is Duke, hes just another type of ideal, a male ideal(not all of us) which is the only reason its under fire.

    Btw.. if a guy who saved the world countless times, fighting off countless swarms of aliens, asked me to take my top off, I would surely oblige out of sheer awe.


    Funny thing about people who point at examples of mass media and say "ooh, I don't like how that woman is represented, you're being sexist". They don't seem to care how other people interpret it, or the original intent, or their own hypocrisy. All they really care about is themselves. When all is said and done - they're really just saying "I don't like it, it makes me repulsed".

    When's the last time a feminist walked up to a stripper and said "You're being sexist". Or to a group of women enjoying a male stripper? All they care about is how little they feel, and they just want someone to blame, and they can't accept that maybe they're the ones who have it all wrong.

    This is genius! By preemptively calling the feminists to action. Mr "Randy" gets to later shrug off their attacks with a simple "I told you so".

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