Fight Night Champion Demo Now Available On Xbox LIVE

Fight Night Champion Demo Now Available On Xbox LIVE

It’s been quite the fortnight for demos, with the mega shooter dualtage that is Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm releasing demos recently, but now EA has gone and released yet another – this time for the upcoming Fight Night Champion.

I’m a huge fan of the Fight Night series, so I’m quite excited, watching my download slowly dribble into my Xbox 360 hard drive as we speak/write. Initial impressions from other sources seem good, with the only major complaint being that the team have locked the frame rate in at 30 frames per second – a substantial drop from the 60 we’re used to in the series.

We’re sure the team has their reasons. I’m very keen to see how the new analogue controls work, and if the heralded changes to the stamina meter makes much of a difference in general play.

If you can, give it a download and drop your impressions below.


  • Thanks for the heads-up. It’s crawling down the copper wires to me now.

    So many drunken nights with the boys, hurting xbox controls with Fight Night 4. And then there’s that memorable time I tried to play online, got a first round knock-out, only to watch the guy quit on me.

    Not my fault he couldn’t handle headbutt-jab-jab-jab-jab-jab-jab-jab-jab-headbutt spam.

  • Got it – Played it – Deleted it…

    New analogue controls reduce the pacing of previous Fight Night games to a button mash. No longer can you easily get into a rhythm and utilise the punch you want – way too finicky and not easy to reliably select an uppercut.
    Animation is top notch though…

    • Yeah – feels less skilful. I was a huge fan of Fight Night Rd 4. It felt like you truly had to play to the specific strengths of each boxer to win. If you played as Tyson, you get in tight, shuck and dive then use tight hooks. If you played as Lennox Lewis you had to use your jab and your reach. I loved that. Not sure If I’m seeing that from the demo.

      • That rocking camera gets nauseating quickly as well, feels like they tried for the gritty, shakey sort of look that’s popular in some movies.

    • Could’nt you change your controls back to the way it was? I thought they put it in there if people never liked this new layout.

  • Have they gotten rid of the God awful, thumbstick punching mechanisms?

    You know, the “pull stick, then spin out, then throw forward”?

  • I didn’t play FNR4 and after playing this demo, I feel like I really really should’ve.

    The jump in technicality on the controls is like going from Madden 07 to Madden 11.

    In short, I really suck at it.

    Will still get it for Champion Mode though. Hopefully the game teaches me how to play (cos the demo sure doesn’t!!)

  • The demo feels more like an arcade and not like the supposed sim that it’s saying it will be. This sucks. I am sticking with FNR4.

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