First Look At Dark Souls, The Demon's Souls Successor, In Action

FromSoftware is giving Demon's Souls fans more of the punishing same with Dark Souls, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 follow-up to 2009's brilliant and unforgiving role-playing game. Here is Dark Souls' first glorious trailer.

Formerly known as Project Dark, Dark Souls appears to deliver more tense dungeon crawling, strategic combat and innovative online multiplayer features. Dark Souls will futz with the Demon's Souls formula by offering a bigger, more open world and new combat mechanics. Players will fight all-new twisted creatures and even bigger beasts in Dark Souls, which looks to further expand the way players connect to each other online. Oh, there will also be dragons with shields and giant rats!

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine recently detailed some of Dark Souls new features.

Namco Bandai, publisher of Dark Souls, has released all-new screenshots and artwork from the PS3 and Xbox 360 game, which you can peruse in the following gallery.

Dark Souls is slated for release in late 2011.


    Go From Software!! They know how to make a game truly epic and atmospheric without state of the art graphics. This and their ACV will make 2011 a treat.

      I for one, am a sucker for giant boss monsters.

    I picked up Demon's Souls cheap a few weeks ago. Got the the second boss and just went 'i cant really be bothered...'

    While I appreciate it's brutal, unforgiving and ultimately rewarding gameplay, most of the time, its just too hard for me!

    I can't wait for this but am i the only one that thinks demon's souls would make a really good mmo/coop game?

      I agree that it would, especially if they included split screen!

    I am genuinely aroused after watching that trailer.


      It had the exact same effect on me.
      Arousal +1

    Here's hoping the savegames aren't console-locked on the PS3 like Demon's Souls are. Going through withdrawls over here.

    I still haven't finished Demon's Souls but I'll get there one day! (hopefully before this one comes out)

    Awesome. In the truest sense of the word

    Dear god that looks stunning.. thank god it's coming to 360!!

    I REALLY need a ps3 to play the first :P

    Moar epic bosses!

    Got up to the final boss in the first one (after many youtube guide watches) but still couldn't beat him. Amazing game. Just hope it doesn't get harder each time you die. First playthrough I thought dying was a regular thing. When I re-entered the first world there were those absolute tank enemies everywhere and couldn't get past 1-2.

    I hope they don't change the formula too much! This is one of the best games of all time for me. It's a game that's not for everyone but I absolutely loved it. I'm a bit concerned they have a major publisher like Namco Bandei behind them instead of Atlas.

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