Former Rockstar Dev Working On Game About Iranian Revolution

A writer with credits in Grand Theft Auto III, Max Payne and, later, Alan Wake is now working on an entirely different project, likely controversial in its own way: "1979: The Game", based on the Iran Revolution.

In an interview with the Russian news site RT (above) Navid Khonsari recently discussed the project. 1979: The Game is one of two projects for the studio Ink Stories, which Khonsari established with his wife in New York.

The game is focused on the takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979, and will explore the events from the perspectives of the students, the hostages and others involved in the incident, a signal event in the overthrow of Iran's monarchy.

"We're primarily looking at about eight to 10 different roles," Khonsari told RT. "I'm using truths that exist in history, so the initial alliance of the US with Saddam Hussein is one thing that we look in - maybe you come in through the border between Iran and Iraq; or maybe you use the US alliance with the Taliban at that time."

Khonsari said one of the game's objectives is "to start some kind of social dialogue amongst people who are going to play it - not just in the West, but around the world," Khonsari said. "It's not a matter of bad guys going after good guys, or good guys going after bad guys."

Khonsari worked for Rockstar between 2001 and 2005 and is credited with helping give GTA III its well-known cinematic presentation.

Former Rockstar cutscene director working on '1979: The Game,' about Iran Revolution [Joystiq]


    Ah... painful interview. Khonsari does a great job of defending the good old fashioned, no proof argument that games cause violence, but she just keeps on with the same old argument. You never hear people who actually PLAY these games saying they cause violence, it's always the ones who don't understand it. There's a reason for that.

    She's trying to get viewers to think this game is going to create terrorists. Insane.

    I watched Voltron religiously as a kid and I've never put my an entire arm inside an entire lion and smacked people around. Similarly with TF2... I've never put on picked up a fish and tried to beat people to death with it. People can tell the difference between games and real life... they're not at ALL similar and it's only those have have experience playing the f#$king things that GET IT.

    When will the book burning stop??

    I am not pleased. There needs to be a GTA-style sandbox set in the EARLY 70s. In Britain. One that is good.

    WOW, that sounds like an incredibly provocative game. I'm sure Americans will love being reminded that the people they have been fighting through this last decade are the people they allied with only 30 years earlier.

    I hope this game comes to fruition because it seems like a step forward in the medium: creating a game to provoke a discussion, something movies and books have been doing for a long time.

    How about making a game about 1952 Iran when it was a peaceful democracy and the UK and US came in, killed a bunch of people, blamed it on the current guy and installed the their puppet the Shah so that BP could continue getting all the oil..

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