Free-Wheeling Bullet Hell Shooter Gets Strict

Touhou Project has a bunch of new rules. Touhou Project is a series of self-published shmups created by the one-man studio Team Shanghai Alice, lead by a fella named "Zun" who designs, develops and creates the games.

Since the game is dojin, the games were opened to seemingly endless fan interpretations and merchandising with Zun encouraging and placing few restrictions on his work. That's...changed.

His 2011 guidelines ask that those who wish to make commercial goods based on Touhou Project contact him and request permission. According to ANN, Zun also tells applicants interested in producing commercial goods use "discretion" regarding items with sexual connotation such as "hug pillows", but added that he doesn't think noncommercial dojin have been an issue to date.

Besides restricting the development of "cel animation" for commercial purposes, Zun placed restrictions on the sale of Touhou Project inspired games on Xbox Live's Indie Games, Apple's App Store and Android Marketplace. He also place a restriction on the sale of Touhou Project games via overseas downloads.

Zun also, reports ANN, place restrictions on "overly sexual depictions and defamation against certain individuals, groups or races that are determined to go against common decency".

This all might be a preventive reaction to the tightening in Tokyo regulations regarding video games and anime.

Thankfully, he didn't put restrictions on a certain kickboxer.

Touhou Project Creator Restricts Commercial Works, Anime [ANN][Pic]


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