Game Wants YOU - To Trade In All Your Games...

This is an interesting one. We've discussed the relationship between publishers and retailers quite extensively here at Kotaku - with most retailers claiming that selling pre-owned games is a necessary part of their business. Now Game has just released a new video encouraging gamers to trade their games in at their store.

It seems like Game is really trying to push themselves as the specialist retailer for game trades.


    Wow... Just wow.

    That was terrible.

      A bad ad is a good one. Even though the acting is cringe worthy and the ad seems stupid this makes it more successful cause it makes you remember it and the message that you can get $60 for games like COD will stick with you because of how bad it is.

        The Old Spice ads were clever, and I will remember it far longer than... this... this tragedy.

    Worst. Video. Ever.

      How can it be the worst? It's got a midget kicking some guy's shin!

    Yeah.. that was just.. horrible.. almost as bad as an episode of neighbours :0

    reckon the guy looks abit like seamus?

      Hey I was thinkin' the same thing!!

    massive UGH.

    i thought Game packed it in here in Aus anyway?

      Well they have been closing a fair few stores...looks like that freed up some $$$ for advertising.

        Didn't free up very much $$ judging by the quality of that ad :P

    Video aside, GAME has some decent trade deals for the 3DS. If you trade a DSIXL and any 2 games you can get a 3DS for $99. If you trade a DSI plus any 2 games you get a 3DS for $189. I haven't come across anything better yet. No exclusions on the DS games.

    Not even worth trading in the manager at my local GAME told me it's not worth trading in, since they'd give me 3 bucks per game. She was honest at least.


      Some games may not be worth trading.
      But trade in values differ for individual titles from $0.50 - $60 so it depends on what you are trading.

    hey it's the GAME shop in parramatta westfield

    Anyone else get the urge to do an armed robbery at theri local game store??

    That was the stupidest, most pointless and poorly acted thing I have ever seen.

    Things that were bad; but also better:

    -The NGP opening video from the Sony January 27th conference.

    -The Australian Crash Bandicoot 2 advert.

    -The Zelda rap.

    Add some more!

      The Nintendo Power Glove springs to mind, truly an awful ad.

    Almost makes you want console games to use serial codes.

    I thought it was quite funny personally, if a bit stupid.

    In a sad situation, my local GAME is now chock-full of preowned with barely any new. For the 360 there's the top 10 chart as new, the odd few offers, and then shelves upon shelves of preowned. I'd say probably 80% preowned.

    I did work in GAME a fair few years ago. Back when we could decide our own prices to buy preowned at and, again, our own prices to sell at. We managed better on our own than with the regulated system where everyone has to give the price quoted by the till and loads of people came from miles around (even though there were another four gaming stores within five minutes walk) because of this, plus the amounts we were making on preowned were some of the best in the country despite NOT ripping off customers.

    $60 for GT5? Hm... Interesting.

    I've never traded in anything before though, I wouldn't know what to do. lol Of course, I could always copy this ad guy...

      Just bring in all the games you dont want anymore and they scan them in, and tell you the prices and if you get a better offer they will beat it, but i doubt you can find better with this deal atm. The more games the more you get!!!!

    Shoot me down but I actually liked it! The girl was hot as!!

    $5 extra per game aint a bad deal. Gonna dust off some games me thinks

    I thought Game were closing in April.
    Last ditch effort i'd say. Sad Face.

      eh? Have I missed something?! GAME closing in April!? Didnt they just open another store in Charlestown?! Doesnt sound like closing down to me

      And you heard this from what source?

      I keep hearing these rumours about Game closing, yet all the Games out in WA seem to be doing fine.

      Even though they have the worst staff. For once I'd like to be able to browse a store without being asked "can I help you find anything".

    What the hell guys, screw the bloody acting. There is some freaking awesome trade deals here, I work at GAME and right now its hell worth trading in your things. Im going to call this situation the COD syndrome, not every game has to be COD and not every game just because its different from COD means its crap. In this metaphor you can replace COD with EB.


    *swings scarf over shoulder*

    and thats the end of that chapter.

    still better trade in deals than what e.b has ever had even if the ad was terrible!

    I think this was great, anything with a midget kicking a dude in the shin is okay in my book.
    It's not as good as some of this years super bowl commercials but it gets the message across.
    Earlier this week I went into my local GAME at Southland and the two staff were dressed up in western costumes, what ever they are doing at that store must be working because I over heard a family get about $400 in extra credit.

    Reminds me of the Xbox Live ad, "Stand off"

    There was nothing redeeming about that clip, except for the info at the end. Note that it didn't involve any "actors" or wannabe Kim Kardashians.

    Weel I would avoid game and EB for trade ins. Took my sister there for her to trade in 12 360 games for her kids, at game $73, EB $81, JB HIFI $137.
    SO for them to be the best for trade ins, give us more dammit >.>

      Should be able to get more now with that five bucks for every extra game thing? or idk I don't get how the deal works :/

    That old woman was holding, wielding?, a ps3 case... shouldn't it have been a wii one?

    Dude that guy totally just got away with cutting in line, shenanigans!

    It's actually a pretty good deal...

    Because Black Ops isn't even worth $60 =D

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