Gears Of War For Kinect An On-Rails Shooter, Says Source

Microsoft's Kinect may get its first taste of hardcore flavour - made a little bit softer - in the form of an on-rails Gears of War shooter, pictured above, said to be in development for the Xbox 360.

According to sources claiming to be familiar with the project, the previously rumored Gears of War Kinect project is indeed real. Based on details provided to Kotaku, it appears to re-use some assets from Gears of War 2.

Late last year, Epic Games teased a new, unexpected Gears of War gameplay reveal planned for the Spike TV Video Game Awards. That unveiling was pulled prior to the taping of the Spike VGAs, promised for a reveal at a later date.

In the weeks prior, IGN reported that a Gears of War title for Kinect was in the works. Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski responded to that rumour, assuring fans that there would be "No Kinect in Gears of War 3."

Last month, Epic Games announced a new Gears collection, the Gears of War Triple Pack, and filed for a new trademark, Gears of War: Exile, as spotted by Siliconera.

Kotaku has contacted Epic Games seeking comment, but has not yet heard back.


    That is gears of war 2...

    Where have I heard this years before?
    Oh yeah. On Wii of course. Dead space and Resident Evil.

    I thought they were going to combine. Use the kinect and a controller at the same time...

    What are they thinking?

      That would be a PR disaster - the Kinect is suppose to do away with the controller and make the human operator the replacement.

        yeah but using the kinect with a controller would be even better i reckon
        say your playing sitting with the controller and you can activate extra abilities using waving and what not so its not like your jumping around with a controller in your hands

    Meh, could be interesting, but for how long will be the question.

    lol Cliffy B just tweeted/joked that he would have commented on the Kotaku US article but he couldn't decipher the new layout.

      The new layout is all over the US gawker sites. It is the worst thing.

    I wonder what the game play mechanics are like? Do you point your arm at the screen and shout out "bang!" to fire your weapon?

      Best party shooter ever! (so long as the voice recognition is up to it)
      Shout 'bang' for pistols, 'blam' for shotguns, 'fwoosh' for rockets, and karate chop whilst going 'brmbrmbrmbrmbrm' to chainsaw :p

      Enemy reactions need to be pantomime-grade melodramatic though.

        And hopefully it will have a reaction if I should "Your mother is a classy lady."

      I wish they had lasers so it would be "ptchew ptchew"

    Well I need something to play besides Dance Central so why not!

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