Germany Cuts Bulletstorm’s Legs Off

Germany Cuts Bulletstorm’s Legs Off

Upcoming shooter Bulletstorm, which is revelling in its violent trimmings, has had to face a reckoning of sorts in Germany, with much of the game’s trademark content cut just so it could be released.

In order to get even a USK18+ rating – one which prohibits sale of the game to those under the age of 18 – the game had to lose the blood. And the ragdoll effects. And the splatter. Oh, and any kind of dismemberment as well.

For a game that bears the advertising tagline “Kill With Skill”, those are some fairly important edits. Maybe they should change it to “Handbags At Ten Paces With Skill”.

It’s far from the first game to run into this kind of trouble in Germany recent years. Left 4 Dead, Aliens vs Predator, Army of Two, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Medal Of Honor have all had to make some kind of edit in order to be cleared for German release.

Sucks for Germans who like to buy things from stores, but as we’re sure German readers will point out in the comments below, there’s little stopping people importing versions from elsewhere in Europe. Like, say, neighbouring Austria.

Censored Bulletstorm given 18+ rating in Germany []


  • Does this mean there’ll be a good chance of Aussies getting a cut down version as well? Given that we still don’t have an R18+ rating for games?

      • Amazing. I’m utterly stunned by the ACB and thought with it hitting international news like the Fox News article that’s been lampooned around and now this in Germany that we’d have some problems.

        That said I’m looking forward to playing Bulletstorm so I best knock on wood and shut my mouth.

  • That’s always made me wonder about Germany. Isn’t it a day’s drive to another country or two?

    What’s stopping Germans from crossing the border to shop for uncut games?

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