Get Ready To Play Dress-Up With Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Now that Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is on store shelves, Capcom can start doling out the downloadable costume packs. Check out upcoming costume changes for Captain America, Iron Man, Dante, Thor, Chris Redfield, and Ryu.

The first batch of download costumes for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 hits on March 1, the same day the game's AI-battling Shadow Mode makes its debut. For a mere 400 Microsoft points (or $US4.99 on the PlayStation 3), fans can secure Captain America's alter-ego Steve Rogers in his super soldier duds, Thor's classic Kirby look, and Norman Osborn's red, white and blue Iron Patriot costume on the Marvel side.

Capcom's side of the costume pack sees Dante dressing up like his dad, Ryu sport his original Street Fighter clothes, and another look for Resident Evil's Chris Redfield.

I'm still missing the days when alternate costumes were unlockables and not purchasables, but this is still a pretty fancy wardrobe change. Who's buying?


    I'm actually confused about the DLC for MvC3 now. Now I know that the extra costumes we're just announced as paid DLC and all, but does that also apply to Jill and Shuma Gorath (paid DLC)? I read somewhere that the only people who can access those two characters are the ones who bought Special Editions and from what I've seen, the Special Editions aren't available from any outlet in Australia. Anyone help me out here? :(

      When the DLC comes out 3 weeks after launch, the people who got the collectors ed. can use the codes they got to get them for free.

      Currently, there has only been one costume DLC pack announced, which is the one in this article. It has 1 additional costume for Ryu, Chris, Dante, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, and will cost 400MSP.

      Jill and Shuma-Gorath will be available as paid DLC on March 15th for 400MSP each (so 800MSP for both). People who got the special edition got a redemption code to get them for free, but cannot use the code until March 15th.

      On top of that, the first pack of Shadow DLC (basically an option to fight AI based upon the play styles of certain people) will be available March 1st, the same day as the first costume pack. This first pack features Producer/director Ryota Niitsuma, Producer Akihito Kadowaki and the game’s QA team leader. The price hasn't been confirmed yet, but odds are it'll be 400MSP.

      And that's all the information on the currently announced DLC. ^^

    Ummm... I know it says 'Iron Man' on screen but isn't that uniform the 'Iron Patriot' from the 'Dark Reign' series, and so is a 'bad guy'?
    Just saying!!

      It's still Iron Man, just with a different skin.

        Zac's right: that's the Iron Patriot armour, which was worn by Norman Osborn, not Tony Stark. Sure, the game still calls him Iron Man and of course he'll have different moves, but canonically it's a different character altogether. I don't think Zac meant to imply that it might be a new character in gameplay terms.

    I wanted to see Dante in his DMC4 outfit.

    I too miss the days where costumes were unlockable. It seems that things we used to unlock via playing the game now are only available via buying the DLC off the Marketplace or PSN... It's a shame that greed is more valued than real rewards.

      yep, it's complete bullshit.

    That Ryu is horrible... HORRIBLE.

      That Ryu is SUPPOSED to look horrible. He looks exactly how he did in Fighting Street/Street Fighter 1 (which was released in 1987), before his image was changed for Street Fighter 2.

      See for an example.

        OHHHHH I get it now LOL, thanks for the tip :)

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