God Of War II Director Helping Set Up A Sydney Game Studio

You may have heard of Cory Barlog - the Director of God of War II who left Sony Santa Monica after the completion of the game. What has he been doing in the meantime? Well, mostly working on the upcoming Mad Max title alongside movie Director George Miller and, as Barlog revealed during his judging stint at Game Jam, he's also helping set up a new studio in Sydney.

"I’ve said before that I’m working on a game - I don’t know if anyone here has heard of this property – Mad Max," joked Barlog. "I’m also over at KMM working on a little game studio, to help elevate the Sydney games business – big ups to Sydney, right? Queensland, Melbourne, whatever!"

It's unclear at the moment as to what the studio will be developing. KMM is George Miller's production company, so it's possible that the studio is being funded by KMM in order to create the new Mad Max game - or it could be for a brand new title altogether, in addition to the Mad Max game. It's not entirely clear at this stage. We're just glad that the Mad Max game is still in development, and that Cory Barlog is still at the helm.

"Maybe I’ve just accidentally said something," continued Barlog. "Are there any members of the press here? Forget that you heard that – these are not the droids you are looking for."

Sorry Cory, your Jedi mind tricks will not suffice! We like to post good news and, with some areas of Australian development encountering major losses over the last year, this is very good news.


    I hope they get it going!

    What does this mean for the current Brisbane studio?

      it means they will have to start playing TF2 at home

    Good. About time something happened in Australia. This gives me hope for getting into a video game art course next year, after I've finish what I am doing now. Its not stable enough to be my primary career choice, but I want to give it a shot and I will have a back up.

    Hopefully L.A. Noire is a success and will encourage overseas publishers to send more work down here...

    Good news, everyone!

    On a related note, I wish the government would give tax breaks on a developers first release or something, similar to tax breaks they give for movies, to try and help people get setup out here...

    Hope this means more coming from the Aussie industry. Even BioWare started out as this tiny little Canadian studio that started by making medical software.

    But last I checked, wasn't the Mad Max 4 in development hell? And they just postponed it even further?

    I can't not read his surname as Balrog. Am I the only one?

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