Halo 5 Is A Microsoft Joke

Halo 5 Is A Microsoft Joke

A segment on British TV shows Microsoft’s vision for the home of the future. That vision of a Microsoft Home, as demonstrated by a Microsoft official for England’s Channel 4, included an image of a TV displaying an icon for Halo 5.

That’s what we call a joke and inevitably, but clearly not announcement of a sequel.

Channel 4 news report shows Halo 5 [Eurogamer]


  • I’m starting to wonder what is going to become of the Xbox. I mean Gears is finishing with number 3 (right?), Bungie is no longer doing Halo (right?) and Fable has gone down the toilet (but still popular I guess).
    Project Gotham has been disbanded and all that I can think of that remains by the original crew at least is Forza. Besides that its third party all the way. Kinect seems to be drying up too.

    • I’m pretty sure Kinect is their go to guy at the moment. Considering it has sold millions of units and was only released a few months ago, I highly doubt it is “Drying up”. Halo will continue to be made, just not by Bungie (Gearbox maybe?). Fable will probably continue to be made as its pretty successful despite its flaws. Forza 4 will be out this year along with Gears of War 3. And when all the hype for these things starts to dwindle, my guess would be that Microsoft (or possibly Nintendo) will be the first company to announce a new console. Maybe they’ll surprise us at this years E3? But probably not until next year.

    • I’m sure they’re starting to realise this.

      They’ll still buy the timed exclusives for games.
      343 is working on Halo 4, Forza is still in house, they still have a bunch of IP’s they’re not using, there’s Crytek’s ‘Kingdoms’ game, The Mechwarrior reboot, they’re apparently sniffing round for a new Project Gotham and Lionhead and Rare still work for them.

      I think it’s going to be lean for the next two years, but this is what MS does… it gets bloodied for a few years and then comes out swinging punches.

    • i belive the need for strong console exclusive titles is uneeded for the current generation of devices anymore. market shares has largly been decided at this point.

      and the next generation console is years away. at which point 343 industries will be well established with its dead horse and big stick. and microsoft can scoop some emerging developer/IP’s for fresh meat for the Xbox 3.

      look at PS2 -> PS3

      Sony lost Final Fantasy, Tekken, Devil May Cry. all big name exclusives from the PS2 Days. but they scored huge hits with fresh IPs like Uncharted and Little Big Planet.

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