HD Halo Remake Coming In November?

The rumoured HD Xbox 360 remake of the original Halo: Combat Evolved will be released on November 15, 10 years after the Xbox classic debuted, Joystiq reports. Series creator Bungie wouldn't be involved. Microsoft hasn't confirmed, though we've asked.


    So will this be available on other platforms?

      No it won't because it's going to be published by Microsoft Studios.
      They only publish games for the Xbox 360 and Windows.

    They just need to optimise it to run on the 360. The slowdown makes it pretty unplayable

    Why is this rumor still persisting despite the fact that Frank O'Connor, Franchise Development Lead at 343 Industries has repeatedly stated their are no plans for a Halo game this year or next?


    The Halo franchise is owned by Microsoft through the Bungie spin-off studio "343 Industries". Halo will never be on a non-Microsoft platform.

    But they're all basically the same, why would you need it when there are other Halo games on 360?

    why there only going to ruin it

    these HD remakes annoy me the only ones that i see are reasonable are the ones that i might want to play but can't because i can't find a copy "shadow of collosus"

    this is why PC outranks consoles on every level

    decades later and i can still play zork or zork 2 or any of the other games made in the 80's

    with a console you have an issue with the medium being damaged the console breaking

      It isn't really all that easy to get your old games working. It is a lot harder to develop for PC due to the differences in PCs unlike the consoles where every xbox or playstation is the same.

      Some consoles do fail, but I still find the old xbox, playstation and playstation 2 running strong. Only very early consoles that had horrible fail rates (the NES) might not work.

      PC on the other hand, the architecture has changed so much that it is extremely difficult to get games pre Windows 2000 or even DOS based to work. Even software developed exclusively for this purpose only works for a limited amount of games.

        You've obviously never had to make a game for the 360. Have fun getting everything to fit on all those resolution issues

    No wai!

    I still have my beautiful, perfect copy from the old Xbox days, complete with "NOT FOR RESALE" sticker =3

    Well the good news is it could suck and the multiplayer would still be better than Halo 3 or Reach.

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