Heavy Rain The Movie Is The Longest Playthrough Video You'll Ever Watch

This unofficial cut of Sony's Heavy Rain turns the roughly 12-hour game into a feature-length movie.

René Jacob says he took out all of the interactive content and intercut the sequences to "get more thrill" into the video game turned YouTube movie.

It is of course packed with spoilers, it's also will not be the most uplifting 165 minutes of your life. But if you've always wondered what everyone was talking about and either don't have a PS3 or don't want the game, now's your chance to find out.

The video here is one created by GamersGlobal, you can see the original creator's work by episode over on his YouTube channel.


    VideoGamesHeaven do this sort of thing. There are some pretty darn long playthroughs on that site. It's where I first experienced Heavy Rain (not owning a PS3 and all).

    they should've cut out the epic music and stuff in the jason mall bit, since its a flash back and all it doesnt fit in, otherwise, pretty impressive!

    This is great! I'ma gonna get this and watch on my flatscreen w/ the wife. She's watched me play, but never picked up the controller.

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