Here Are The Latest 3DS Deals In Australia

Here Are The Latest 3DS Deals In Australia

Here Are The Latest 3DS Deals In Australia So the 3DS has been priced and dated in Australia. It’ll be released on March 31 at the somewhat reasonable price of $349.95. But the price wars are already in full swing, with different retailers offering different deals. The guys at Eco Gamer have rounded up some of these deals which you can check out below.

Prices and Deals Big W – $328 (Console only, online only) Dick Smith – $328 (Console only, online and in-store) Dick Smith – $348 (Console, starter kit, stylus pack and choice of: Rayman 3D, Rabbids 3D or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, Onlin Only) Big W – $348 (Console, starter kit and choice of: Rayman 3D or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, online only) JB Hi-Fi – $348 (Console only, free accessory pack with preorders, online and in-store) GAME – $349 (Console only, online and in-store) EB Games – $349 (Console only, coupons available, online & in store) Harvey Norman – $349 (Console only, online and in store)

Trade-in Deals GAME – Trade in Nintendo DSi XL and any 2 games to get console for $99 GAME – Trade in Nintendo DSi and any 2 games to get console for $189 EB Games – Trade in Nintendo DS Lite to get $50 off EB Games – Trade in Nintendo DSi to get $100 off EB Games – Trade in iPod Touch 8GB for $125 off GAME – Trade in Nintendo DS Lite to get $80 off GAME – Trade in Nntendo DSi to get $140 off GAME – Trade in Playstation Portable 3000 to get $150 off GAME – Trade in Nintendo DSi XL to get $200

Eco Gamer are doing a great job of keeping up to date with all the new deals as they come in, so be sure to check in from time to time.

Nintendo 3DS Price Round-Up [Eco Gamer]


  • [looks at Harvey Norman price]

    Jesus H. Christ, Gerry. Why are you complaining about being unable to compete with foreign web retailers when you can’t (or won’t) even compete with Dick Smith?!?

  • I’ve decided that I’m going to skip the launch and see what happens from there… Though I might reconsider if some super awesome deal comes along.

    I was -this- close to getting one of those special deals from Dick Smith. Talked myself out of it because there wasn’t a game that I HAD to have. 😛

  • Zavvi has it for 200 pounds, which is about $320. Also, I think for this week, they’re offering free shipping. No idea how much it’ll cost to ship a 3DS over (normally costs 2.50 pounds for a game) after this offer goes.

  • Actually really surprised to see some crud deals from GAME, usually they at least try.

    Might have to have words with my local about that. Their warranty may not sway me this time.

    • Their trade-in deals are second to none, but their price and combo (or lack thereof) is pretty weak…

      Still, I don’t need my DS Lite anymore, and $80 is pretty amazing for it. $200 for an XL is crazy, too, given that they go secondhand for $230.

    • The main draw of GAME is their very generous trade-in deals. They’re taking DS Lites for something like $80, and you can also toss in some somewhat recent games like GT5 for another $50.

    • I had some trade-in credit at Game already, so I’ll be trading in my XL and a couple of old games, and my 3DS will cost me $14

      Really not complaining 🙂

  • I’ll be staying away from BigW online this time, got screwed on Kinect preorder took 1 1/2 weeks to get it LOL.
    Harvey Norman makes me laugh, I wonder if he tried to piss Nintendo off again like he did with the Wii.

    • 1.5 weeks isn’t a significant time to wait, given how bad shipping times tend to be to Australia… especially if there’s a saving in price.

      Honestly, if it means that much to you, pay the extra $10 or whatever and preorder at a shop where they’ll guarantee you a day 1 item.

  • So an extra $110 more than what the Americans pay is ‘somewhat reasonable?’

    Geeze, i’d hate too see what you think is unreasonable Mark…

    I’ve pre-ordered from Amazon for $270 + Delivery.

    I actually considered the GAME deal, mostly because I probably won’t be playing my DSi XL when i get the 3DS, and that’s a pretty nice price…

    But then i’d be locked in to only being able to buy Australian games at their super gouged prices 🙁

    • Every Nintendo console that ever launched at $250 in the US launched for $400. So I was surprised the 3DS came in at $349 here. We’re getting it cheaper than the UK. The US price is even lower than the Japanese one.

      To me the price of the games themselves is the real concern.

      • It seems like we are getting away easy when you consider the release of past consoles in AUS, but you have to remember the US exchange rate was no-where near what it is now back then. When the DS first came out, the US dollar was about 80 cents. When the GBA came out it was close to 60 cents. In those circumstances, a markup is acceptable.

        The AUD is worth MORE than the USD currently, so I can’t share your sympathy for the company, sorry.

        You’re right about the games though, they will be the real decider. I’m tempted to wait until the thing has been hacked to play games from any region, but by then GAME probably won’t be doing the DSiXL trade in deal :(.

        • The exchange rate argument is an obvious one – but I will say that games haven’t reduced in price! Most distributors have simply ignored that fact, at least Nintendo reduced a little.

          And I don’t have sympathy for Nintendo! I’m simply surprised they went down to $349.95, and think that people who expected it to be cheaper considering the US price were dreaming!

    • The 3DS is relatively ‘high’ because there is always the risk our dollar can dip to $0.6 USD in the short term. Keeping it at a $350 AUD premium means they can ride out troughs with their profits. If our goods were just priced at current USD:AUD conversion rates, there wouldn’t be a set ‘price’ for the thing at all, and the console will simply be labelled ‘market price’ like a lobster at a nice restaurant.

      Combined with GST, our relatively high tariffs, low population density etc. Yeah. $100 over the American one is just about right to me.

      • Our price isn’t based off of the USA price versus the two currencies’ differences so the exchange rate’s meaningless as they aren’t made in the USA anyway haha.

  • Mark, can you find out any info on the possible release of a 3DS Zelda:Ocarina SE pack?

    That is when my money is getting slammed on the counter.

    • It won’t happen. OoT is already in playable form (hell, I spent all my allocated 10 minutes at the fake launch with with it), and will be coming out very soon after launch (I was given ‘2 months’ as rough estimate).

      Considering how soon it’s coming out, it’s unlikely that Nintendo would complicate its very recent 3DS launch with yet another SKU. Any “Ocarina bundles” will be up to the retailers’ discretion, and it definitely won’t be a special edition console.

      • They’ll never bundle it with that (OoT) – most retailers’ strategies for the DS have involved bundling the machine with such killer apps Party Petz or Imagine: Vomitorium, it’s only in the last year or so (on the tail end of its lifespan) that they’ve been bundling decent games like Mario Kart or New SMB.

  • Big W pre-ordered and fully paid.

    Got the Cosmo Black with Rayman 3D.

    Chose Rayman because I’ve never played Rayman 2.

    I’ve also got Ridge Racer and Splinter Cell paid through ozgameshop.

    I thought Shadow Wars looked kind of bad for a next gen handheld game but it could be a good strategy game.

  • I’m getting a US one. My girlfriend is going to be in the US for most of April staying with a family friend, so I have an address to ship to and no postage to pay getting it home. I’ll be pre-ordering from either Amazon or Newegg, probably get a couple of games at the same time, although none of the launch titles really jump out at me.

  • Waiting is the best deal. Waiting for someone to unlock the region lock and for some good games. And of course waiting will reveal better prices, whether here or overseas.

    But that’s just me.

    • The DS was hacked pretty fast, but the DSi is still not fully hacked (there are cards that can play DS games in the DSi in DS mode, but AFAIK there are no hacks that will let you play pirated/region free DSi games).

      However, this is partly due to lack of interest (there are a mere handful of DSi only games).

      Given the rate at which Nintendo consoles are hacked, combined with the fact that hackers will want this one done FAST to deal with region locking, I estimate about 6 months before retail cards are out on the market.

    • Agreed, although I’m jealous of the early adopters, I reckon I’ll wait for the Xmas sales (or maybe the midyear toy sales that the big’uns have) and get two (one for each kidlet for Xmas)

  • Yep, so I’ll always have to import games, but as Mark mentioned above, the price difference on the actual games is the real killer, so that’s a bonus anyway.

  • GAME – Trade in Nintendo DSi XL and any 2 games to get console for $99

    IS that seriously ANY two games or ones on their ‘allowed’ list. I have the Robots DS game that has more dust than the Mummies in Egypt

    • I asked about this as well – the guy in the store said it was ANY 2 games so long as they were australian region game with their original case and manual.

  • I’ll be trading in my DSi and getting rid of 2 games that I never play. I think GAME has the most reasonable trade in that I can afford because I really want to play Black/White with 3D.

    Does anyone know if they are going to have demo consoles before it releases?

    • Nintendo’s having demos all over the place before the game releases. If you’re in Sydney, then there’ll be one in Parramatta this weekend.

  • Honestly, I was ready to press the button on a pre-order, but realised that all the games I want to play right now are on DS… I purchased another DSLite (DSi has no features I need), I say another because I owned and sold one years ago.

    I will wait for 3DS 2.0 to arrive with better battery hopefully, and then import (although having to import ALL games will annoy me), unless I can get an Aust one at bargain price, but then I have to pay Aust prices on games, so it is a Win/Lose situation either way.


  • …or just buy it in the states while i’m there for $250 including free game, albeit being Nintendogs…then have my friend overnight post me new release games. lovely.

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