Here’s The 3DS Already Running An R4 Cartridge

Here’s The 3DS Already Running An R4 Cartridge

Not 24 hours since its release, here’s the Nintendo 3DS running the notorious R4 flash cart. It’s not that much of a surprise – probably doesn’t even qualify as a hack, as a 3DS is fully backward compatible with DS cartridges, essentially what this is.

But this does let you know that, yes, for those who pirated ahem, “backed up regular DS cartridges they had legally and fully purchased,” the device will work on a 3DS. 3DS games, which come on a cartridge that is 2 GB in size and shaped differently, remain, as far as we know, uncracked on day zero.

Nintendo has battled against the flash carts through the years, blaming sales drops on piracy associated with them and going to court to wipe out their business. They last tried to shut down the R4 and other flash cartridges with a firmware update back in December. R4 cracked that with an update of its own.


  • sigh.
    I’m really surprised they didn’t make *some* effort to block the old R4 cartridges, they really are a bane.

    • this is excellent news. for the sole reason now i don’t have to start carrying my stash of games that i play regularly around.

      To me the R4 cart isn’t about piracy it’s convienience to me. i have a massive library of games. but i tend to chop and change between them depending on how long i have to play(ie length of time between home and uni, whether i’ll be standing up on the train since that kills touch controls)

      If nintendo offered me a service where i could go and combine all my games onto the one cartridge i would. i don’t trade my game’s, and i don’t lend them. But at the same time i don’t like to carry them all around because i could loose them. If i only have one it doesn’t leave the console and theres no chance of that

      • The problem is that most people ARN’T like this. I for one own an M3 card, and download games myself.

        I buy the games I enjoy playing, but most users of Flash cards do not buy the games. And this effects the industry, especially the small time companies.

  • Also Owen… that’s not an R4. I’m not even sure if that’s a flash cart. It looks like he puts a legitimate version of Game and Watch in there. It looks like it’s just some kind of action replay device.

    • +1

      I’m sorry but I would’ve been a Day 1 buyer fer 3DS had it not been fer that damned pointless region locking crap they pulled…

      Now its a waiting game to see which region gets which and what gets blocked where for me =/

      Now my question is.. can the R4 bypass the region locking? I don’t have one myself but if it can bypass the 3DS region lock consider it sold! Otherwise meh… not of any concrete use unless your a pirate =P

  • I really hope that you can’t run 3DS games through an r4 or that any one developes one for this because the R4 killed the DS, if it’s too easy to pirate developers wont touch it.

  • But I thought the DSi stopped the old R4s from working, which made them need to go and create DSi-specific versions of the cards. How did this happen? :/

    • They blocked the Cart Identifiers that the older versions of R4’s used. The new ones replaced these with ones from actual games – making them impossible to blacklist.

  • I doubt it’s an R4, but this is pretty grim news. As much as I despise region-locking, it’s the lesser of two evils. DS piracy was a huge problem with flash cards and that only really took off a few years into launch and was being quietly shut down by the DSi series at the tail end of its lifetime.

    Having the 3DS be cracked this early isn’t good for anyone. Even pirates need other people to pay for games so they can leech in the background.

    • My only hope is that if there is some R4 style crack that it will only ever work for DS and DSi games and not for 3DS games.
      That way they will probably sell more 3DS units as the existing pirate base can bring their game stash with them, but new 3DS games would need to be purchased.

      I think Nintendo were mad to region-lock the 3DS though, people will use it as justification to hack their 3DS, then once they have the temptation to just download that game instead of buy it is there every single time.

  • If the DSi hasn’t been fully cracked yet, then the 3DS will take even longer imo. Before you say ‘but you can use flashcarts on a DSi’, no one has been able to obtain the master keys that enables homebrew (and possibly DSiWare piracy) in DSi mode. That includes the 3rd party use of the camera and SD slot, etc. I know a lot of focus will be aimed at cracking the 3DS open, but it will take a lot of time, so everyone enjoy your 3DS gaming before games are able to be cracked and launched from a flashcart. Btw, that hardware used in the video isn’t an R4, it’s an action replay cart

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