He's Only Crushing People's Skulls To Save The Earth

Just because Liu Kang is the good guy of the Mortal Kombat series doesn't mean he can't crack your skull like a giant, gore-filled walnut. Who's hungry?

We've seen his story and now we're getting a gory look at the brutal moves of the greatest hope for humanity to survive Mortal Kombat. You can't make a safe Earthrealm omelet without crushing a few heads, and orphan turned warrior monk Liu Kang has the right moves to get the job done.

All of these bone-crunching inside looks in the new Mortal Kombat have me wondering what happens when one of the robot characters gets punched in the face. Do we get to see crunchy robot bits? I'd pay $US60 for that alone.


    Looks cool. And I think that Neather Realms logo looks badass.

    those graphics look so crap no detail or anything though that may be dude to console limitations but still

      Fail post is fail.

    Hmm... i have a feeling this will be getting an RC.

      Shhhhhh you'll jinx it! lol

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